Have you had a winter-style slump? You’re not alone! But, as the weather warms and we head towards springtime sunshine, the fashion world is heating up too. There are so many trends and styles to choose from, so how do you find the best spring looks for your wardrobe? StyleShark comes to the rescue with this resource for your spring fashion makeover guide.

The overarching theme for spring 2022 is “anything goes”, the idea that you can embrace your style as well as grab a few key pieces from the catwalks. It’s all about being comfortable, looking hot and creating Insta-worthy styles that you’ll look back on fondly, year after year.


Forget monochromatic elegance, it’s all about bright, bold bands of color this spring. Bright green, apricot, sunflower yellow and every shade of pink under the sun—and not just for the bags and shoes. Women’s dresses, women’s boots and jackets for women are all getting the rainbow makeover. Subtlety is out. Making a statement is in.

Don’t want to go full-on neon? Grab a single brightly colored piece like a bag or pair of shoes to brighten up a more neutral outfit, or use key pieces of colorful jewelry to draw the eye.

90s Nostalgia

You know we’ve been keeping our finger on the pulse of the Y2K craze. Expect the fashion trends of 2022 to work their way through the 90s, throwing back almost-forgotten faves like tie-dye tops, dresses and sarongs, big floral prints, halter-neck tops, dresses and pedal pushers. All ideal for warmer days spent out and about!

Women’s Dresses Over Pants

What should you pair with a beautiful, comfy pair of pants on a cool spring day? In 2022, go for your favorite dress! This 2000s trend is back with a bang, with many designers creating matching ensembles to highlight how well this combo works. Work your favorite short or mid-length dress with any leggings or jeans for a casual-yet-stylish look that you can pull off just about anywhere.

Ombre Tie Dye

We already touched on the upcoming tie-dye craze in our nostalgic fashion section, but expect tie-dye with a difference. 2022’s tie-dye takes a more subtle approach than the traditional star and flower-burst shapes. The ombre tie-dye look moves a color through various shades in bands or random shapes for a thrilling, bold look that’s sure to turn heads. Expect it in every fabric, from denim to silk.

Luxury Basics

Sounds like a mix-up, but getting the basics in very beautiful, luxurious materials and styles is sure to be a big hit in 2022. Over the past couple of years, we’ve learned to appreciate the finer things in life. That includes buying things that are meant to last, rather than get discarded next season because they’ve already worn out.

Simple cardigans with big, bold buttons in luxury wool or cotton are durable and ultra-stylish. Traditional long trench coats in neutral colors contrast beautifully with the rest of your colorful spring wardrobe. Spend a little extra on tailored trousers that will go with anything and last you basically forever. That’s the theme of luxury basics for 2022.

Crochet Mad

We could have put this in our nostalgia section, but we felt it needed a chunk of the article all to itself! Crochet is massive. At least 28.8 million Americans enjoy knitting or crocheting and that love is working its way into the world of high fashion. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to start taking tips from grandma. Top fashion retailers in 2022 are sure to stock some of the hottest crochet fashion items to spruce up your wardrobe.

From simple, throw-over tops in black wool with crocheted tassels to full two-piece suits, crochet is versatile and colorful enough to fit right in alongside our other springtime fashion trends.

Shrug It Off

Shrug off the winter blues with a new shrug! Cardigans are either huge or tiny this season and the shrug is embracing the smaller end of the style spectrum. From snug, mid-length sleeves to barely-there slips across the shoulders, shrugs are the ideal way to add the finishing touch to any outfit. Go glam and glitzy for a night out or keep it subtle and simple for everyday use.


We’ll be talking about platforms a lot in 2022. As well as the stylish boots and shoes, look out for raised yet flat sandals, ideal for those first warm days when you can finally head to the beach or your favorite park. Platforms pair easily with the rise (or fall) of longer hemlines that our style experts hear will be a big hit later in spring and into summer. Look out for kitsch, woven-style sandal straps paired with chunky, multicolor soles, bringing together a number of this spring’s trends into one versatile footwear option.

Which of these spring fashion trends will you be embracing to beat your fashion slump in 2022? Share our tips with your friends and check out our bestsellers for even more fashion inspiration.

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