The fashion world is always changing and growing, so it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. But once you figure out what’s hot for spring 2022, you’ll see that it’s a lot easier to stay on top of the latest spring fashion trends than you might think.

The catwalks currently showcasing what's hot for Spring 2022 show a lot of contrasting styles. That’s because there’s a real devil-may-care vibe to this year’s fashion—anything goes and that’s okay! From neutrals to bold colors and from neon, plastic Y2K charms bracelets to vintage Victoriana, there are a lot of clashing themes that somehow, still seem to work together. We’ve worked our way through the catwalk confusion to bring you the five fashion trends that we’re sure will dominate this spring.

1. Sleek and Sexy

With designers throwing around words and phrases like “sensuality” and “stripped down”, it’s no surprise that many of the catwalk’s big hitters are women’s dresses and tops that aren’t afraid to show off a little bit of flesh! Thigh-high slits in skirts show off a bit of leg without being too brazen. Versace used this technique, combined with some unique materials such as latex and even chainmail to heighten the effect. Kitten heels are back, according to Prada, but only when paired with a long skirt or a mid-length coat that flashes just a bit of midriff beneath.

Those who shop away from the catwalk will be pleased to know that sexy now comes in all shapes and sizes, making alluring clothing accessible to everyone. Expect skintight, figure-hugging shapes on models from every background. This new trend towards body positivity is sure to inspire many to get out of their fashion comfort zone!

2. Mini Skirts Are Back

One of the oldest fashion items and not always exclusively for women, the mini skirt and its many iterations have gone in and out of fashion for years. This year, expect the mini to be back in a big way. Mini skirts historically represent women’s independence and freedom—no longer did women have to hide their legs and figures, once they embraced the mini skirt! That seems apt as we move into a more socially aware world with more opportunities for women and girls.

Although the mini skirt is big, is smaller than ever! The micro mini skirt, which is barely below the butt, is a throwback to the heyday of Paris Hilton and the like. This year’s version comes in a range of materials, from gypsy-style distressed fabric to sleep leather. It runs from bright white to neutral to bold and vibrant. This is a skirt that you can match to your own personal style and if you feel nervous about the length, pair it with some tights or a tiny pair of shorts to help protect your modesty! Plus, micros look just as cute with your favorite pair of sneakers as with your hottest heels. From the Miu Miu runway to TikTok’s fashionistas, everyone is talking about the micro mini this spring.

3. The Biker Jacket

Motorcycle chic was big in the 90s and remained a strong staple among many subcultures. This year, it’s hitting the mainstream again, if current catwalks are anything to go by. Designers have played with the original, either maxing out on zips and oversizing it or slimming it right down and making it asymmetrical. The pairing of leather and denim could be a catwalk trend we could see hitting stores in springtime—taking biker jeans and jackets and turning those themes into a single, ultra-cool wardrobe essential.

Smarter leather jackets or faux-leather jackets are a hit for office chic, while chunkier, shoulder-heavy jackets for women are great for nights out with your besties—and keep you warm until we hit the summer months.

4. Bright White

There used to be all sorts of rules about when you could wear white, should you wear white before Labor Day and so on… Let’s face it. The past few years have had us throw all the rules out the window. White ensembles are no different. Catwalks are currently showcasing more bright white outfits than ever before. Many of these collections show off the longer hemlines that we expect to be a big hit later in the spring, not just in women’s dresses but in loose, airy pants and floaty yet elegant skirts, too.

Off-the-shoulder dresses are another hit to look out for. Catch the first rays of the sun (safely, of course) in a white, cotton dress and a pair of women’s boots suitable for a springtime walk through your favorite green space. Make white your own with a colorful tote bag or a pair of on-trend sunglasses.

5. The Brightest Colors

If white is not your thing, fear not. Color is back and it’s here to stay until at least the end of summer. Spring often starts with pastels and cooler shades. Not in 2022. Expect a riot of rainbow colors from neon pink to bright orange to banana yellow. Single color dresses or tops with just a splash of a different color are all the rage. It’s all about making a big statement—and not being shy about it! Pair your brave and brilliant ensemble with chunky jewels and pearls to match this year’s love of vintage-inspired accessories.

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