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One of the biggest fashion trends of the year are pants that look great, but are comfortable too. Various styles like slacks, lounge wear, joggers and sweats are taking the fashion world by storm.

We have also seen a lot of retro reboots. Today’s trends are in sync with yesterday’s fashions from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. There are a wide variety of trousers and jeans that fits into your individual style.

The 60’s were a time of psychedelic colors and knitted garments. Some of the fashion trends included patterned florals, pastel prints, tie die, and apparel that made a statement. Some of the leg wear includes Capri khakis, crop slacks, pedal pushers, and denim jeans. Moreover, the style was comprised of high waists, tapered legs, and full hips.

Today you can discover the popular 60’s fashion fused with modern flair like our Tie Die Fuzzy Sweats, PU wide Capris, or Leopard Print Flare Bell Bottoms. Likewise, blend the past with the present and make a fashion statement with pink cameo print leggings or our high waist drawstring camo print sports-pants.

The 70’s inspired clothing was all about disco dresses and bell bottom slacks. In fact, flared jeans were all the rage. As the 70’s progressed, flared jeans became even wider. Leisure suits were also popular along with jumpsuits, jerseys, and more tie die outfits.

Today’s trends mesh well with the 70’s style with even more glamour and fun. Relish a new look with the latest trends - Soft Blue Faux Fur Hem Bell Bottoms, Leopard Print Flare Bell Bottoms, Elastic Waist Flare Bell Bottoms, Tie Die Fuzzy Sweats, Sporty Sweatpants, and much more.

Some of the most iconic looks of the 80’s are back in style including bodysuits, see-through layers, high-waisted outfits, and baggy cropped trousers. Other notable 80’s fashions for today’s trends also embrace aerobic gear, leggings, and all things comfortable.

To complete your fashion statement for the season, add wide waisted PU trousers, belted cargo jogger pants, cropped skinny pants, or croc print leggings to your wardrobe.

This year you can make your own fashion statement with a wardrobe filled with a variety of pants, leggings or slacks to suit your style. Select from ta multitude of styles and design to fit your individual needs.