Y2K is all the rage now, as Gen-Z is causing it to circle back 20 years later. Modern-day celebrities, including Bella Hadid, Saweetie, Rihanna and Rico Nasty, have embraced nostalgia with many throwback fashions.

As a moniker describing styles dating back in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, Y2K clothing was inspired by pop culture:

  • Boy Bands: NSYNC, Backstreet Boys
  • Girl Groups: Destiny’s Child, TLC
  • Singers: Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot
  • Socialites: Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie
  • TV and Movies: Sex in the City, the Matrix, Mean Girls
  • Fashion Dolls: Bratz

You’ll see famous people making social media posts on Instagram and TikTok while donning lots of bling, bare midriffs, chunky footwear, flared pants, baguette bags, mini skirts, colorful sunglasses and cooler stuff. Add in a few butterflies, daisies, bubblegum pink, psychedelic patterns and translucent colors, and their retro looks are everything to rave about it.

We’ve compiled an assortment of clothing items to help you channel your inner Beyoncé or Austin Powers. These are selfie-worthy, so check them out!

Blinged Out and Shiny Clothing

The old days saw lots of shiny clothing made with futuristic metallics, faux leathers and glitzy rhinestones. Once again, you can find plenty of options for the bling-bling look in all types of clothing items. Dare anyone to dim your sparkle with these fabulous pieces in your wardrobe.


Sexy Mini Skirts

Retro-chic is easy to pull off when a mini skirt is part of your attire. As mini skirts have become trendy again, you’ll find many styles to fit your personality. The great thing about miniskirts is that you can dress them up with a pair of heels or dress them down with sneakers.


Flower Power and Butterfly Swag

Daisies, butterflies and other nature themes can be found on vintage-style clothing from the 90s. Mini dresses give a playful feel reminiscent of the young puppy love age. With a bit of sparkle and shine, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor with your boo.


Flared Denim and Cargo Pants

Flared or wide-legged jeans are making a comeback. These jeans may not be as outlandish as bell bottoms, but they’re sure to make a statement. Denim-on-denim and patchwork jeans are also in style. Although low-risers aren’t outdated yet, you’ll notice many more jeans have high waists. Make a splash with pants featuring frisky cutouts and belly chain-like straps.


Chunky Shoes and Platform Boots

Get your mojo back with some funky chunky shoes. Platform shoes have made their way to modern times. Whether combat boots, high heels or sneakers, you’ll be the envy among your friends. If you’re on the short side, this thick-soled footwear will also give you a little pick-me-up with less stress on the balls of your feet.


Velour Sweatpants and Sweatshirts

Sporty pieces take on a look that’s not just for athletes. Soft and plush velour tracksuits are seen again among those strolling along city streets. You’ll find many outfits with matching tops and bottoms. Some sets even have flirty cami tops to go with it, making it perfect as daytime wear or for a night on the town.


Ribbed Cardigans and Camis

Whether on a crisp fall day or in the dead of winter, you can’t go wrong with a ribbed knit cardigan. You can find these sweaters as separates and as a set. Lighten things up a bit with a revealing camisole or cropped top.


Tie-Front Tops and Baby Tees

Cami and corset tops pair nicely with vintage wide-leg jeans or dressed up with a skirt. Tie-front styles are the latest craze if you want to look swanky. Midriff-baring tiny t-shirts with quirky quotes and cute graphics are favorites among teeny boppers and young-at-heart adults too.


Oversized Sunglasses and Other Accessories

Super-sized tinted sunglasses now come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Choose from grays, pinks, blues, purples, greens and gradients with matching, contrasting or patterned frames to get the desired look. In addition to a cool pair of specs, don’t forget your bling-bling necklace and see-through mini purse.


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