Take your inspiration from the fashion trends hitting the runways right now! Accessories are big in 2022—in every sense of the word. The accessories market is booming, driven by a spike of interest in vintage bags and heritage brands, plus the need to inject some all-important joie de vivre into everyday outfits. It’s not just the sales that are big—look out for bold patterns, striking colors and extra-chunky jewelry in 2022. It’s all about being seen! All of the women’s dresses in our collection, from casual to full-on glam, can be “blinged up” with some on-trend accessories. Here are five accessory trends you can get in on now for the season ahead.

1. Sustainable Sandals

And not just sandals! All types of shoes and bags are going plant-based and biodegradable. Designer Stella McCartney is once again leading the way in eco-fashion with mushroom leather bags, fur-free fur, recycled polyester and even recycled industrial waste! Other designers getting on board with the eco-friendly fashion drive include Gabriela Hearst and Maison Margiela. Shoe addicts should definitely keep an eye out for biodegradable shoes—a real answer to the problem of worn-out shoes ending up in landfills.

Style does not take a back seat in these eco options. McCartney’s Frayme bag is a sleek, black creation boasting a chunky gold chain handle that’s very much the in-thing this season—more on the big-hitting chain trend below! Shoes include sandals boasting the brightest colors for a springtime rainbow of footwear.

Get your own cruelty-free look with a faux-leather croc crossbody bag. Black with just a splash of gold fits right in with the springtime style.

2. Vintage-Style Jewelry

Vintage bags were all the rage in 2021 and now many designers are taking that inspiration over into their jewelry ranges. Expect to see strings of pearls, either in singles or multiple rows. Decadent pieces include diamonds or other jewels, or touches of silver or gold to let the jewels stand out that little bit more.

Single stone rings are back in, but we’re talking big, proud stones that stand out from across the room. Oval gemstones set into classic gold frames hark back to Victorian styles, while more geometric shapes bring back a bid of mid-century mystique.

Not all the retro trends are quite so vintage. Expect to see 70s-style charm bracelets, dripping with quirky shapes and cool icons. Pearl bracelets showing a range of pearl shapes to seem more “natural” are coming back, as are “thrift-store” style pieces. Color, bold shapes and the ability to mix these for your style are what 2022’s vintage trend is all about.

3. Chains Are Back!

Chains aren’t just for bag handles or statement jewelry. We already talked about the rise of the Y2K fashions currently hitting the market. One of the most memorable pieces from the turn of the millennium was the chunky chain belt, slung lazily around the hips or doubled over for an even more eye-catching accessory. Chains can be dull or slightly glossed metal for that industrial feel, or silver or gold for a more glamorous touch. Leather jackets for women, in particular, suit the occasional chain for a punk-inspired look. Back in the 2000s, neon colors were big for a while, so keep an eye out for the resurgence of bright pink or blue chains—not quite as subtle, but sure to be a hit!

Sling your chain belt around your sweater dress to cinch it at the waist, or pair it with your favorite jeans for a retro vibe. Use different size chains together for a complex and intricate look. Add in a padlock or pocket watch to make the look your own!

4. Tote-ally Fabulous

The tote bag—will it ever go out of style? Certainly not in today’s world of avoiding single-use bags and trying to be more sustainable. The tote that goes to the shops, to work or college, or even out on the town is the bag that just keeps giving. 2022’s tote bags are sure to be big, made from fabric and in a relaxed style that makes them utterly versatile. Big, over-the-shoulder handles are in, as are double handles that allow you to sling it on your back when needed. Some designers like Givenchy are hedging their bets by adding short and long handles, allowing fashion fans to use their bag any way they like.

Spring colors for your tote bag match the season in surprising floral prints, bright whites and glamorous touches like strips of gold or silver. These are the tote bags you want to be seen with, wherever you go.

Get ahead of the tote trend with this faux-leather, slouch-style tote ideal for carrying everything you need.

5. Elevate Your Style

With platforms! Platform shoes and women’s boots are back and they’re higher than ever. Open-toe, closed-toe, “barely there” straps combined with the chunkiest heels,  and full boots are all elegantly stomping their way down the late-winter catwalks and into your springtime wardrobe. True platforms have raised soles and heels and they’re a 70s style that just keeps coming back around.

Top tips for 2022 platforms include 60s-inspired floral prints, smart, black patent leather and glittery, shiny “look at me” platforms.

Stay one step ahead of the springtime trends and browse our latest accessories collection!

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