June has passed, summer has officially arrived and it’s time to chat about some of our favorite trends in tops!
Tie Front Sweetheart Neckline Crop Top is definitely our favorite and that’s for two reasons: it’s lighter to wear than full length tops (and sometimes summer could be very, very, very muggy) and makes petite babes look taller – legs appear longer than the upper body, creating a magic illusion!
Plus, the sweetheart neckline looks very sexy and romantic!
Find it in light grey.
The Off the Shoulder Fitted Bodice Long Sleeve Blouse is the sexiest piece of our selection: it vaguely reminds the bustier typical of nineteenth-century women, giving alluring and elegant courtesan look.
This is a very adherent shiny, satin-like texture top, especially suitable for evening and night occasions mixed with skinny long pants or a breathtaking mini skirt. The ideal outfit for a first date where to leave an indelible mark in the memory of the lucky one.
Two colors available: white and black.
The Puffy Sleeve Plaid Button Up Top would have been Brigitte Bardot's choice in each of the colors available for the item - red and purple. This blouse top is an evergreen summer icon to style with denim shorts and strappy sandals (the plus would be a white or beige straw hat).
The vichy texture adds a touch of class and femininity.
This kinda top is the most romantic, freshest and casual  choice in this selection. A look-feel-live-like-a-Parisienne-everywhere-in-the-world style.
The Ribbed Button Up Top is a cropped t-shirt with a tight silhouette and square neck, accompanied by small and romantic buttons and ruches. Even this kinda top can be classified in the French Girl LookBook Guide, able to tell a story of a girl who wants to be sexy and casual at the same time. The perfect match is with high-waisted jeans or cotton trousers and skirts.
Find it in green, black, blue, pink and yellow.
This Cut Out Shoulder Tee is the sporty-chic choice inside our selection, perfect for girls who wanna be trendy yet stylish, cool and up-to-date.
A truly relaxed style that winks at the desire to dare, leaving a very sexy part of the body uncovered: the shoulder.
This is perfect with every piece of denim (and we’ll tell you a secret:
tie it at the waist to add an extra touch of sensuality).

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