You’ve worked from home for months, maybe you’re still doing your stuff dangling from bed to sofa – or maybe you’re back to office now regretting the previous smart working: whatever situation you are in, the truth is you don’t have to give up wearing the loungewear capable of making you feel cool and beautiful in & out your home.
Here you are four amazing loungewear outfits with the great potential to become a daily uniform for fashionable smart workers and office sharks that don't take themselves too seriously (just adding a blazer on the top).
What’s their secret? They are as stylish as they are cozy!
Cami Crop Top and Spanx Shorts Set is the most comfortable yet sexy set you could ever wear. The seamless cut keep the look casual and comfy-chic, but still suitable to wear outside of the house. The perfect occasion could be an easy dinner with the girls, just matching this beautiful set with a boyfriend-style blazer in a I wore the first thing that happened to me and I'm fabulous way.
The thin shoulder strap sporty bra takes a soft support.
You can shop it in white, black or grey.
The Long Sleeve Square Neckline Top and Biker Shorts Set is simply the trendiest one you could wear from absently reading newspapers on the sofa to having a Saturday afternoon walk with your friends. This sporty co-ord is truly sexy and adherent but fresh, comfortable and cheerful thanks to a range of colors that winks at the rainbow: you can choose between blue, grey, pink and purple.
The Ruched Crop Top and Biker Shorts Set is the proof that some of us lounge a little more feminine than others. This outfit is asking you to stop watching Netflix, take your favorite heels out of the closet, put a jeans shirt tied at the waist and just go out. Rouches reveal your more informal yet provocative side, adding a pinch of elegance to this adaptable 24/7 casual look. You can feel a superstar inside your house and then, the very next moment, you could be facing the most glamorous night of your life.
Shop it in black, beige or – why not – the both of them!
The Tie Dye Oversized Tee and Biker Shorts Set talks about the '90s fashion trend that is now actual more than ever. This outfit is perfect for all the girls who nostalgically remind themselves as little girls trying to create this amazing effect DIY, now adult enough to buy the dreamy look their parents tried to reject. A stylish, comfortable, iconic and bold way to declare to the world you are brave and trendy. Take a skateboard and go, babe.
Find it in red, blue, green, orange and purple.






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