Time is now: you're going to pack your bags and go, holidays are just around the corner and that means you have to choose what to take with you for your summer adventures while staying safe in the current climate.
Whether you're taking a roadtrip or flying we've listed five essentials you’ll want to have on hand at the right time for a perfect day at the beach!
Our Round Straw Crossbody Bag is this summer's best trend. It’s a boho medium-sized bag so you can fill it with everything you need for the day or night. It’s practical, light and comfortable to carry around on your shoulder.
The camel shade makes it a perfect handbag for nearly any outfit.
Chunky Frame Sunglasses are meant for cool and trendy gals who look for a fashion but casual-vintage style. The black frames are versatile, so you’ll be able to match them with everything your wardrobe has to offer for your beach & street styles.
Remember: wearing sunglasses on summer is just as important as wearing sun protection for skin when the sun is hitting hard.
We literally love the Sun Visor Hat we’re showing you in this blog post. Someone loves it and someone hates it, but it doesn't really matter: this is a BIG trend you cannot miss for summer 2020. Practical, light, versatile, this hat protects your eyes from the sun without weighing down your hair and be sure: with this multicolor pvc accessory you will certainly not go unnoticed on the seashore.
These Cork Strappy Platform Sandals are the shoes par excellence able to upgrade your style while upgrading your height too. This choice represents an effortless way to get the perfect casual yet trendy look while sipping a drink at the chiringuito on the beach, obtaining the perfect match between fashion & comfort. The mix of rubber and cork gives the sandals a truly contemporary and stylish allure.
Cork Platform Strappy Sandals
Cut Out Split Thigh Flounce Sleeve Dress
With this white Cut Out Split Thigh Flounce Sleeve Dress you couldn’t be sexier. The high waist highlights your shapes with great elegance and sobriety, making you feel just like a diva.
The game of transparencies of this long sleeve dress will make you a real protagonist on the beach and you cannot imagine how soft and comfortable it is at the same time.
Size available: S, M and L.

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