Crop top outfits are great ensembles for summer fun and comfort. Knitted crop tops are some of the best fashions because you can style them in so many ways. With this specific top, worn by everyday women and Instagram influencers alike, the styling options are truly amazing.

Not only does that add to the versatility of this beautiful top, but it also means you can wear it all the time — and wear it differently each time, too! It's a terrific piece for all kinds of summer experiences.

Here are just some of the ways you can tie and style this crop top:

1. Tied in the Front — Tying this crop top in the front, with the ends hanging down, is an elegant way to cover all the important parts while still showing off plenty of tanned, summer skin. No matter what color you choose, it will accentuate everything positive about your figure, giving you a confidence boost no matter where you wear it.

2. Off the Shoulder on One Side — Another wonderful look for this knitted crop top is an off-the-shoulder style that wraps around the front and drapes over one arm. With one side on the shoulder, and the other side draped, the top sits securely across the chest and provides freedom of movement. You have a more unique look while feeling comfortable and confident.

3. Tied in the Back — When you tie this top in the back, it creates a secure fit and covers both shoulders, so you can run, play, dance, and move with no worries about it shifting. Not only does it feel snug and comfortable, but it also looks stunning in any of the six colors it comes in. Tying knitted crop tops this way provides more thorough coverage but leaves your arms bare to soak up all the sunshine.

4. Tied Around the Tummy — Most crop top outfits purposely show off the stomach. But if you want a little more coverage, you can get that in this lovely top. Fitting it more like a bikini on the chest, you can wrap the rest around your middle and tie it near the navel. That gives you additional coverage if it's a little chilly outside and also adds to the value and versatility that you'll enjoy with this crop top.

5. Criss-Cross With a Front Tuck — Crossing the soft, knitted fabric over your chest and tucking it in on the sides creates a snug fit, with wide areas over the shoulders to keep anything from shifting. This option looks more like a wrap and gives the impression of one long, elegant piece of material, as opposed to a more form-fitted top. It's a style opportunity that's sure to turn heads.



6. Flowing Trail at the Back — Want a flowy, flirty look? This is the option to choose. Because knitted crop tops can be worn by themselves or with other shirts, you can layer them for maximum comfort and style. Wearing this knit crop top over a long-sleeved shirt of a contrasting color is an excellent way to turn it from a top into an accessory. Long ties in the back mimic the appearance of a flowing cape, with less material.

7. Traditional Crop Top Look — It's easy to wear this knit crop top in a more traditional way, too. You can slip it on, wrap and tuck the extra, and enjoy a fitted look with wide shoulders, a secure chest, and nothing tied or hanging down. This reduces the chances of catching a tail or tie on anything. Depending on the event you're going to, this can be the perfect style for a day or evening out.

8. Fuller Coverage With Elegance and Style — When you want to have more midriff coverage, but you don't necessarily want to tie this knitted crop top at your navel, you can wear it with the material tucked in. This provides a smooth and seamless look that covers the shoulders, chest, and stomach, and leaves no tails or ties hanging down. The versatility of wearing it this way lets you enjoy everything from a day at the beach to an elegant dinner.

With all the options for wearing this crop top, and six glorious colors to choose from, it's a must-have for your summer wardrobe and beyond. Enjoy the plethora of opportunities to bare plenty of skin while the weather's warm and inviting. Then pair this crop top shirt with longer-sleeved choices, wraps, and other options when the days turn crisp and cool. This is the kind of knitted crop top you can truly enjoy in nearly any weather, all year round, and for every type of event. It's a great, versatile piece to add to your closet.


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