Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and that means it's time to prepare for a return to school or work after a long (and hopefully enjoyable!) summer break. 

As you transition back to high school, college, grad school or work, you should expect it to come with plenty of adjustments. However, a few tips and techniques can help make the process easier for everyone. 

Find Some Motivators

One of the best ways to shift back to a schedule is to think about all the good things it brings to your life. If you focus on what benefits you or provides you with enjoyment or excitement, you'll likely find it easier to rise with the sun and make it to school or work on time. 

If you're in school, maybe you're excited for extra-curricular activities like sports, cheerleading, band, or other clubs. Sign up in advance if you can; not only will it secure your spot, but it'll give you extra motivation to get back to the regular schedule.

If you're returning to work, you might look forward to seeing coworkers, meeting up with friends or doing something fun on the weekends.

Get Back on Schedule

We know — getting back on track can be a real chore! Most people struggle with reverting to a schedule of going to bed at a reasonable time instead of whenever they choose to fall asleep.

Along with going to bed on time is the struggle of getting up early. Students and workforce employees alike don't enjoy setting the alarm and getting going as soon as they wake up.

Many of us get used to going to bed late and getting up whenever, lounging around until we feel like getting dressed and doing something — even if it's sitting on the couch. However, fall brings with it responsibilities and time constraints.

One of the best ways to get used to the new schedule is to make gradual changes to your bedtime and wake-up time. To begin this transition, head to bed 30 minutes earlier each night starting one week before you return to work or school.

Whatever you do, avoid staying up late reading, scrolling, or watching TV. You might be tempted, but don't do it! Make sure you're in bed with your eyes closed half an hour earlier each night. That way, you won't feel so tired and unmotivated when the day comes to go back.

Decide on Back-to-School Clothes Ideas

If you're going back to school, you'll find it easier to get excited if you focus on your wardrobe. Finding new clothes that let you look your best is a highlight for most students, whether in high school or college.

It's time to get rid of the old and welcome the new! For example, you might have some old skinny jeans in your wardrobe that are outdated. If so, toss them or donate them to a good cause. You want to update your wardrobe with the current styles and add new fashions that make you look and feel great.

Trendy back-to-school outfits with jeans might include straight-leg high-waist jeans and other baggy denim jean styles. With these looks, you can kick off the year in high fashion.

They're a modern wardrobe essential for all high school and college students. Be on the lookout for matching shirts that compliment high-waist jeans. One of the most prominent styles right now is crop-cut or waist-cut shirts, like a collared button-up halter top or a big-sleeve crop blouse.

Choose Your Back-to-Work Outfits

If you've been out on summer break, you'll also want the right work attire so you can go back in style. One must-have item right now is a single-piece, cinched midi dress in a light color.

This type of dress fits comfortably and allows you to dress it up or down. That way, you can match the mood of your workplace and compliment your personal style! Try browsing a top online retailer to get the best prices and a selection you can't find in your local stores.

Set Up Schedules for Homework and Fun

Homework or office work is important. However, you also want to make sure you set limitations wherever possible and schedule some time for fun and relaxation.

Make time to unwind when you get in, but don't put off office or school work too long because you'll forget about it until it's too late.

Set aside a specific time and use an alarm for a reminder. Once the time is up, engage in activities you enjoy, such as being outside with friends, making or listening to music, painting, or shopping.

Knowing you have a fun time ready when you complete your work is a motivator to get it done, and you'll also have time to unwind and live a little before your nighttime routine. That's always a win-win!

It's a Balance

We all enjoy having time to lounge around and sleep in or stay up late in the summer. But when that time is over, you want a plan that makes it easier to go back to school or work.

Consider using these tips and back-to-work / back-to-school clothes ideas to help you make a smooth transition and stay on track. In a few weeks, it'll be easier to get back in the "zone" and tackle the day with no problems.

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