Every girl needs a stunning cocktail dress that can transition seamlessly from spring to summer and fall. This lace-up, high-slit maxi dress is just the ticket, as it works for every season. Lightweight enough for a warm summer evening, but with long sleeves to keep you covered on cool nights, this dress can handle any weather and looks great during every season.
Stylish and sexy, this showstopper of a dress isn’t for just sitting around the house. This is the dress you wear when you want to make an impression. It’s the perfect garment for red carpet events like movie premiers and broadway shows, as well as black-tie events like fundraisers, galas, and awards ceremonies.
So what is it that makes this dress so amazing? There’s actually a lot going on that sets this little number apart from other evening gowns. First, the lace-up back is to die for. The dress is completely open at the upper back area and the lace-up design starts in the middle back and winds its way down the left side of the dress.
One of the great things about the lace-up design is that it is not only fashionable but also functional. You can adjust the laces and cinch them as tight or as loose as you want. This way you can create distinct looks and amp up your comfort levels.
The high slit on the side is another chic feature of the dress. The hemline of the skirt flows smoothly all the way to the ground except on the left side where the skit is slit all the way up to the upper thigh where the laces end. This creates a sexy silhouette and shows off the legs at the same time.
While the lace-up back and high slit may be the most striking aspects of the dress, the designers didn’t skimp on the details in the front either. The rounded neckline is flattering for pretty much every face shape, and the long sleeves give the dress an element of class and demureness. 
There are three different colors to choose from, each giving the dress a different vibe. The black version is sophisticated and will suit nearly any event. Yellow adds a cheerful pop of color that is sure to turn heads. The leopard print adds a touch of playfulness and has a textured effect. Choose the color that fits with your personality, or grab all three if you can’t decide which one suits you best.
This dress is magnificent for all body types because it has so many elements that flatter different areas. The long sleeves and long hem will accentuate thin body types, while the lace-up back and side slit will draw attention to beautiful curves. It also works well with both tall and short body types.
With such a striking design, it should come as no surprise that multiple celebrities have been rocking this dress. Hailey Bieber caused a huge stir on Instagram when she posted a shot of herself wearing the lace-up dress in black. She even included a close-up of the laces to show off the defining characteristics of the dress.
Ciara also lit up Instagram with a shot of her wearing the dress in leopard print. The photo was taken while she was on holiday in Venice with her husband Russell Wilson. The image shows the couple about to head through an entranceway with both looking back at the camera as the photographer catches them from behind.
One of the great things about this dress is that it steals the spotlight on its own, so you don’t have to worry so much about pairing it with multiple accessories. Both Ciara and Hailey Bieber kept the jewelry to a minimum so that it didn’t distract from the dress. Instead, they let the dress make the statement on its own.
If you’re wondering which shoes to pair with the lace-up dress, a simple strappy sandal will do. Heels will lengthen the legs and look great from the side slit. Just like you don’t want to pile on the jewelry with this dress, you also don’t want to go overboard with chunky or flashy shoes.
However, if you want to wear some bling with the dress, we suggest classic pieces like teardrop earrings, small hoops, gold or silver bracelets, and simple rings. A chain necklace could work with the neckline, or even something big and bold to draw the eye up.
Are you ready to add some serious celebrity style to your wardrobe? Style Shark offers this dress in black, yellow and leopard and three different sizes including small, medium and large. Get ready to reveal a little skin and soak up the compliments as you strut your stuff in this gorgeous number.
If you have a special event coming up where you need to dress to the nines and want to get noticed, this seductive lace-up dress is just the item. Style Shark also has an entire collection of elegant dresses that will flatter any body type and add a touch of class to formal events such as dinners, parties, and public gatherings.
Peruse Style Shark’s immense collection of cutting edge dresses from form-fitting maxi dresses to mid-length dresses and mini dresses that show off the legs. No matter what your style is, Style Shark has something to suit your personality and lifestyle.

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