For over a year, the global pandemic has kept us all at home for long durations; keeping us separated from friends, family and partners. Still, a global pandemic should never stop you from spending a romantic night out with ‘bae’ on Valentine’s Day. With these 10 date night ideas, we’ve all but got you covered for that special Feb 14th.

You may be wondering, “Who thinks about romance these days?” Well, we all do. Even though the current state of the world threatens the very foundation of many emotional attachments, a pandemic is never enough reason to abandon dates with that special person.  In fact, a global pandemic may not be the worst thing; on the bright side, it presents new and challenging ways to organize fun dates with the hubby.


How Organizing Dates Can Save Your Relationship

That being said, what makes dating so important? Technically, although going on dates may not be deemed serious business, especially during the pandemic; it is undoubtedly important to the growth, health and stability of every relationship, even after tying the knot. Relationships go beyond sexual attraction. Maintaining the romantic connection between you and your partner is vital to invigorating a relationship—in this case, going on dates.

For many couples, having a romantic date night is often far from their weary minds. It’s hard to come up with creative Valentine date ideas when you have to juggle between work and kids, while staying safe from the virus. So, to ease your stress, we’ve compiled 10 solid tips to help you set up a COVID-friendly date night with your lover. Here they are:

  1. Stargazing

Ever seen one of those movies where a couple sits underneath the skies, staring at the distant stars? Sure you have! How did you feel after watching such a romantic scene; you felt good, didn’t you? Now imagine sharing such an ambience with your date.

Stargazing can be a welcome respite from the rigours of the city life. All you need is a clear night, a quiet location far from all the noise, some food and wine; and—well—a blanket. That’s all you need for this special date night idea. If you’re lucky enough, on a starry night, you can point out constellations and share fun, witty conversations about your ancestors, ancient heroes or fabled monsters.

On the plus side, stargazing is a much cheaper option than going to the movies. If you need inspiration, download a stargazing app to help you chart your adventure. 

  1. Just Dance

The ‘feel-good’ effect of dancing together is often overlooked by couples. Do you remember the last time you danced—literally danced yourself to exhaustion?  You must’ve felt incredibly good after. This makes dancing with your lover a very enjoyable date night idea.

What’s more, you don’t even have to go very far to get your dancing shoes on. You can have a dance session right there in your living room. Dim the lights; play your favorite tunes; get some drinking in order (to loosen up) and just have a blast with your lover. You both will remember that ‘dance party’ forever.

  1. Have a Picnic

A picnic never harmed anyone. In fact, considering the pandemic, having a picnic with your lover just may be the safest way to have an eat-out. It’s way better than having to talk to your date through a mask, at the local restaurant. Goodbye intimacy…

This makes picnics one of the most creative socially distanced date night ideas. It doesn’t take very much to get a picnic date in order. Each person can make lunch for the other and then trade at the location. Or you can both order takeout and eat it all at a reserved area of your local park. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Go Volunteering

Sometimes, the best intimacy comes from sharing valuable life moments with your partner. Volunteering in your local community can reveal how big of a heart your partner has. The best thing about volunteering: it’s 100% COVID-friendly. And you’ve always got options; from cleaning up the trash at the local park, to organizing the neighborhood's weekend trade-fair. By volunteering, you and your partner can push past your comfort zones and enjoy a much better intimate relationship.

  1. Road Trip

Changing scenery can have a huge impact on the health of your relationship. Going on road trips can further strengthen the bond you share with your partner. It’s also a very COVID-friendly date night idea, as it’s just you and your date—no one else. What’s more, you both can stop at theatres and other similar attractions along your way. Road trips are truly special.

  1. Stay at Home Activities

Who says you have to leave the house at all? There are numerous date night ideas that you can try at home. You and your date could start a baking and cooking contest; organise a movie night; or play some dating games. Nothing beats having a quiet time with your partner at home. When organised perfectly, a date night at home can provide truly great memories.


  1. Take Virtual Tours of Museums

Thanks to technology, with the convenience of your phone and from the comfort of your home, you and your date can tour museums and other tourist attraction centers virtually. Places such as the Louvre in Paris; the British Museum in London; and the Guggenheim Museum in New York offer virtual tours that you can view from your phone. Great, isn’t it?

  1. At-Home Spa Night

Another fun date-night idea for this Valentine is having a spa day at home. You and your date can spend some time at home, massaging and pampering each other. Frankly speaking; no one knows each other’s bodies quite well like two people in love. Rubbing each other’s feet, exchanging neck rubs and back massages; these are great ways to have an intimate date at your home spa, of course.

  1. Binge-watch Comedy Shows with Cocktails

While there aren’t too many comedy shows going on around these days, comedians still release a lot of content on the internet, designed for quarantine purposes. Need a laugh? organize a Valentine date at home, with some classical comedy shows or some of the newer ones, along with an array of cocktail drinks. And don't forget to wear your sexiest mini dress. This is an experience you and partner will definitely love. Be prepared to laugh your heart out.

  1. Wine Tasting and Fruit Picking at a Quiet Vineyard

The truth is; when we think of date nights, we limit our minds to regular ideas like seeing a movie or eating at a fancy restaurant. But there’s more to life than doing the same routine activities. You can switch it up. Partaking in somewhat unfamiliar experiences like wine tasting, fruit picking and horse riding can instil a sense of freshness into your relationship. So give it a go; try out a new activity on Valentine’s Day and enjoy every moment of it.


At the end of the day, it matters less where you go for a date night, but on how well you can organise it. Remember, it’s a special moment between you and that special person. Whatever date night tips you choose to follow, make it a blast and enjoy every moment of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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