Who knew lounging could be such hard work and that so many talented people were necessary to pull it off? Thank you to all the fabulous people who made the Style Shark Loungewear Shoot a total success!



Lounging is arguably an art—looking beautiful while relaxing at home is definitely on-trend these days. We wanted to showcase our latest loungewear collection, and so we brought in the Pixel Luxe crew (Photographer, Amanda Williams) to capture it for us at the Lumen Dallas in the Lifestyle Room. 

The Style Shark Loungewear Shoot took place on a gorgeous day, with the sunny sky filling the lofty Lifestyle Room with plenty of natural light. We got there at 7:30 a.m. to set up, the smell of coffee energizing us as we bustled around getting everything ready for the shoot. Right from the get-go it was non-stop action! 


From location to lighting to all the minor issues and inevitable workarounds each moment presents, a photo shoot involves a lot of sweat and behind-the-scenes work to deliver the images that actually end up on the site. Improvisation, meet meticulous planning and inspired spontaneity! Not to mention a fabulous team—from the models to our talented behind-the-scenes artists and crew. 

There are a ton of tiny tasks and jobs at a photo shoot, from making sure each outfit is immaculate and freshly pressed, to touching up the model with a dusting of highlighter or another coat of gloss. 

The Collection

Powdery soft crop top and biker-styled short sets for lounging and snuggling. Textured pant suits that can belt up for a night on the town. Retro sets like a racy jumper in vintage hues that bring on playful drama. 

The Style Shark Loungewear Collection is soft and shapely, in an understated but rich color palette. Buttery cream, powder blue, and blushing pink hues set the mood to chill. We tweaked classical shapes to give them a fresh form, adding feminine details like dropped shoulders and ribbed cuffs that lend the collection a touch of romance. Perfect for flirting over a glass of wine by the fireplace, dashing out for a quick excursion, or doing some leisurely yoga as you sip your favorite tea. 


The Look 

The Style Shark Loungewear Collection is designed to make women feel relaxed and pampered and gorgeous and glamorous! So, we brought in Francisca Harrison to create the look that complemented this vibe so well—soft and caressing with a touch of luxe and feminine details. She really brought out the collection's sweet touches by imparting her signature glow on the crew sent over by the Dragon Fly Agency. They were a fantastic group to work with at the Lumen Dallas. It was so inspiring to see the collection take on the personalities and unique attitudes of the models. We think this is one of the most exciting things about a shoot!

Are you ready to shop the collection and bring out your own unique style? 

Here are some of our favorites: 

Knit Crew Sweater and High-Waist Shorts Set

This sweater and shorts set is perfect for basically anything and everything. Whether you are WFH, watching a movie, or chilling with someone special, you can feel totally laid back while infinitely cuddleable and pampered. Great for those overcast and rainy days. Slip into your favorite jeans and you are ready to dash out! 

You can even dress up your sweater. Details like drop sleeves and ribbed cuffs flatter your contours and create drama and interest. The black is stunning with nearly everything. Mix caramels with jet black and white with deep brown. Have fun and use accent colors like pink and orange—the old rules of color mixing no longer apply.

For a sassier version, check out the crop top set!

Knitted Turtleneck Sweater and Legging Set

Pack this cozy sweater set along for a cabin getaway or snowy retreat, or create the mood at home. Trust us, you’ll want to pick up a few of these sets for the long days and dreamy nights of winter. Pair them with slippers, boots, or sneakers for dashing to grab coffee or to hit up the library. 

Available in a range of hues from warm neutrals to richer burgundy and greens. 

Contrast Trim Crop Top and Shorts Set

This sexy bralette top and short set is a playful piece for lounging. A bit sporty and a bit provoking, this set has tulip cut legs for a feminine touch along with a scoop neckline and adjustable straps. All together, they give this set its unique charm. Perfect when you want something light, cool, and playful. 

Racy colors and bold trim create a slightly vintage vibe while emphasizing your legs and shoulders. A fun piece that can go outside when the weather is nice and works as a pair of summer pjs! 

Shop the Style Shark Loungewear Collection

Lounging is so much nicer when you look as good as you feel! Pamper yourself with yoga and a bath before slipping into one of these sets for an intimate evening. Style Shark is here to curate instant glamour and snap-ready looks without breaking the bank. When you’re ready to join the city nights and get out and about, we’ve got you covered too, with looks that are glamorous and on-trend for every occasion.

Shop all our collections to create unique looks that showcase your personality and beauty. We believe fashion sparks magic and possibility, and that feeling beautiful should be something every woman can experience.

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