Every mother is special and deserves a gift that shows appreciation for all they do. In this guide, we'll outline mother’s day gift ideas that can be bought at the last minute if you're still searching!

So Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if you're not close to finding the right gift, you’re not alone. Luckily, in today’s world, finding the right gift for mom has never been easier. You can surf through numerous stores all over the world online, make a swift purchase, and get that gift packaged and delivered straight to mom's doorstep.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up 10 gift ideas that your mom will be sure to love from beauty products to fashion items and more.

What to Buy Mom

1. Gift Cards

Sometimes, moms can be hard to shop for. If you just can’t figure out what she wants or if you feel she already owns everything she could ever want, giving a gift card might be the right way to go. With a gift card, your mom will have the opportunity to purchase something she wants that you might not know about. Gift cards never miss. But, make sure to also send a card with a note of appreciation! This will prevent it from becoming impersonal. 

2. Fresh Flowers

We all love a bouquet full of beautiful hydrangeas, roses or peonies. Websites like 1-800 Flowers, ProFlowers, and Tela Flora all provide quick and easy shipment of beautiful floral arrangements that will guarantee to be a wonderful gift. Flowers can last up to two weeks depending on the type. If you're looking for flowers that last longer, shop Venus et Fleur! Their arrangements are more pricey but, they last for an entire year. 

3. Self-Care Kit

If you'd to give the gift of relaxation, try creating a personalized Self-Care kit. Pack your self care kit with shampoos, shower gels, serums, bubble bath, bath bombs, and exfoliating scrubs. Include a robe and a few books. This gift will keep on giving for weeks and months ahead.

4. New Fragrance

Getting your mom a new fragrance to try or the classic one she normally wears works as a great gift. If you're searching for something new, check out this list of top fragrances in 2021 by Marie Clare magazine. 

5. Jewelry

We all love ourselves some jewelry!  Etsy is a great place to shop unique and handmade items. For example, follow this link to purchase a custom family tree necklace with up to 9 names for $18.00! 

6. Sandals

Since summer is around the corner, you also couldn't go wrong with a pair of nice sandals, mules, or flats. Amazon has tons of options that can be delivered via prime in a matter of days! 

7. Speakers

If your mom doesn't own them already, you should consider portable speakers. Speakers are a great gift because they're a great source of entertainment during gathering OR while your mom's alone working around the house. Along with the speakers, suggest a podcast or audible book to go along with it. :)

8. Nice Top

Depending on where you are, warmer weather has already arrived, or it's fast approaching. A spring blouse could be a very thoughtful gift. As a clothing store owner, I believe that a wardrobe boost is always a good option to fall back on. Consider your mom's personal style and body type. Then, select something that will make her feel stylish :)

9. Pajama Set

Everyone loves keeping comfy and cozy! So, a nice pajama set would be a wonderful gift. Try creating a themed basket by adding a sleep mask, slippers, and a candle. Check out this example gift combination at Knack Modern Gift Giving.

10. Trendy Cookbook

If your mom is a foodie who spends her nights watching episodes of Ina Garton on the Food Network, she will likely enjoy a new cookbook. The classics are always reliable options. But, most recently I picked up The Seasoned Life by Ayesha Curry and The Magnolia Table by Joanna Gains


There are not enough gifts in the world to show appreciation for the love and care a mother gives. The most important thing is to show that you're thinking about her and express gratitude for all she does! But, if you select a combination of the gifts above, I'm sure she'll appreciate the treat too! 

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