In this article, we'll outline the importance of having a capsule wardrobe and with our simple step by step guide, you'll also learn how to create your own.

For every person looking to condense their wardrobe or pack for a trip with limited space, choosing a capsule wardrobe might be a great option for you. It also can create space in a cramped closet, allow you to identify the right wardrobe essentials; and show you how to style outfits between different seasons.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Brief History: The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ was first coined in the 1970s by Susie Faux; owner of ‘Wardrobe’, a London-based boutique. In her words, a capsule wardrobe is "a limited number of essential or staple items that you can wear for multiple seasons". By the late 1980s, the capsule wardrobe concept was popularized when American designer Donna Karan released a ‘7 Easy Pieces’ collection.

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

In order to build a capsule wardrobe, aim to pull together lots of basic items that are within a similar shade. A capsule wardrobe should be functional in any occasion, season and more importantly, your daily lifestyle. Many stylists recommend selecting 25 to 50 pieces.

Here is an extensive guide on how to create a unique capsule wardrobe:

  1. Find Creative Ideas

        Head over to Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube for inspiration. Try subscribing to capsule creator blogs or channels online.

  1. Consider a Color Palette

Every capsule wardrobe is dependent on a particular color palette. For your capsule to remain functional over a long time, you should pick a color scheme that’s easy to mix and match your outfits with. The goal is to maximize the wearability of each selection.

We recommend a neutral palette such as browns/tans, beiges/blacks, grays /charcoal. By creating a color scheme that works, you’ll be able to match any top with any pant and any accent accessory on any dress.

  1. Build your Essentials

You see that buttoned up white shirt, hanging in your wardrobe; that’s an essential item! Essentials are those basic pieces that really never go out of style. These items are building blocks to your overall wardrobe. Regardless of your personal style, there are a few staple items that appear in every wardrobe such as:

  • A little black dress
  • Basic pair of jeans
  • White and Black Tee
  • Tank tops in assorted colors
  • Button-up shirts
  • Dressy trousers
  • Leather jacket

Essential items are perfect for layering and are versatile enough to accommodate different looks (Ex. Button up with jeans or button up with trousers).Remember, quality over quantity.

  1. Try Out Every Outfit Combination

Creating a capsule wardrobe is real work. The key is to make selections that can mix and match with other pieces.  

  1. Evaluate your Clothing Options

Now that you have your basics outlined and know what your statement pieces are, it’s time to take a very good look at your closet. Do you have multiple pairs of similar pants?  Does that pair of pants need 4-5 or 55 shoes to match? By asking questions like these, you identify what to remove and what to buy for your capsule wardrobe. 

  1. Make Additions to Your Wardrobe

After accessing your closet and identifying gaps, you should make a list of new pieces you need. You have to ensure, however, that these new additions tick all the right boxes. Your new pieces must be:

  • Made of high quality fabric
  • Must match your color scheme and style
  • Should be versatile for multiple outfits

In the same vein, if a piece needs replacing, replace it quick. If you need inspiration, return to your creative board; the one you gleaned from Pinterest and YouTube.

Reasons to Need a Capsule Wardrobe?

1. Saves Money: With a capsule wardrobe, you don’t have to keep needless amount of outfits that you can only wear once. Instead, you get to save money on a few quality items that last a long time.

 2. Multiple Clothing Options: Having clothing options that look stylish and fresh with other pieces interchangeably makes it simple to effortlessly look stylish. A capsule wardrobe saves dress time and keeps you looking timeless and on-trend.

 3. Eco-friendly: Less clothes in your wardrobes reduces clutter and investing in a limited number of pieces also reduces your carbon foot print between logistics and manufacturing. 

4. A Closet that Defines your Style: Perhaps the biggest benefit of building a capsule wardrobe is having a personalized closet full of clothes curated by you!


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