The fashion scene evolves rapidly and constantly. Many celebrities and influencers play a major role in what’s trendy and what’s not. While most people ride the bandwagon these days, in this blog entry, we critically analyze fashion trends that are worth keeping and ones that aren't. 

With Gen Z, influencers, celebrities, and fashion executives influencing the scene, it feels like we can’t really settle on any one trend. 

So, what fashion trends do we love and hate at StyleShark? We’re glad you asked. Read on to find out…

Trends We Don’t Love

Now, we love everything about fashion, the uniqueness of fabrics and styles. However, there are a number of fashion trends that just make us cringe. These are the trends we want gone:

  • Long Fake Nails

This might be completely personal but after a few bad nail breaks and watching Love Craft Country, I’m completely over super long nails.


  • Non-elevated Loungewear

According to Vogue, Loungewear is fast becoming an all-day-wear. Thanks to the pandemic, normal shapeless sweatpants aren’t so special anymore.

  • Ultra Distressed Denim

Like everything extra in the 21st century, influencers are literally ripping apart the seams of the denim fashion trend. If we didn’t know better, we would call these ultra-ripped denims a bit excessive.

Trends we Love to See

At StyleShark, we love fashion trends that are pleasing to the eye; trends that bring out the beauty in a person. Here are the fashion trends we truly love:

  1. Middle Parts

Once again, Gen Z has declared the end of a fashion trend and the start of another. Middle parts are fast replacing side-swept hairstyles. 

Middle parts just give so many options. You can style your hair as a slick or braided ponytail; a blunt bob; or a low bun. With middle parting, you could also wear your hair long and straight; in loose waves or in long layers.

     2. Square Toe Heels

    Talk about a comeback; square toe heels are back from the 90s. It is arguably summer’s biggest fashion trend. Ever since the fashion brand Bottega Veneta brought square toes back to life, fashion girls cannot get enough of it. Already, in the streets of Paris and New York, these special heels can be seen everywhere. With its unique ability to greatly improve the looks of simple dresses, square toe heels are sure to last a while. To top it all off, they are super comfortable.  This is a trend we love!

    3. Animal Print

    Somehow, we can’t get enough of animal print. These trendy outfits have cemented their place in annual fashion trend calendar. With spring-summer 2021 in close view, we’re confident animal print will be your favorite fashion piece. Seeing how animal print has infiltrated every area of fashion, from dresses, tops and trousers, shoes, and even accessories; it’s safe to say that this print is a timeless trend.

    4. Puffy Sleeves

    Although it took some time for puffy sleeves to get going, as far back as spring 2018, it seems like the trend is here to stay. Since then, experimental stylists have reimagined this fashion trend so much that it was featured many times in Vogue’s fall/winter 2020 collection. We’re clearly seeing the start of an increasingly popular fashion statement. With its unique billowing fabric, puffy sleeves are the perfect outfit for summer.

    5. Ribbed-Knits

    During summer, women's knitwear is a popular fashion choice. There is really nothing more satisfying than wearing well-crafted ribbed knit outfit. Not only do ribbed-knits give a modern feel, its minimalistic features are great for the summer heat. We love the idea of knitted clothing during the summer, and ribbed knits stand out exceptionally well.

    6. Pastels

    If you’re new to the pastels trend, you’re in for a trip! Wearing pastels is an exciting way to embrace the color of spring and summer. They usually appear in various pale or light colors, making them the perfect attire for summer. Here are some tips for wearing pastels:

    • With Neutrals: Pairing pastels with neutrals give them a more distinct feel. Colors like white and grey work perfectly with pastels.
    • With Prints: Prints make pastels a lot more interesting, especially when combined for a spring or summer outing.
    • With Denim: Denim has a cool blue hue that blends with the pop of pastels.
    • With More Pastels: You could really just go all out with the colors and put out a string fashion statement.

    7. Earthy Neutrals

    In the fashion world, color plays a huge role in what becomes a trend and stays a trend. This summer, fashion icons are backing earthy tones to be the next best thing, both in Europe and US. Earthy neutrals are otherwise known as pure-neutrals; they include black, white, greys, as well as browns, tans and darker colors. Earthy tones draw similarities with clay earth pigments such as umber. They are a trend we love to see!


    8. Bold Colorful Eyeshadow

    Need I say more?


    These are the fashion trends we love and hate in 2021. Have a great spring-summer season with these creative trends that are fast taking over the fashion scene. Let us know your favorite trend in the comment section below.


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