Now that everyone has gotten past the holidays and the new 2022 year is off to a start, it makes sense to take a closer look at celebrity fashions. And what better way to do that than by checking out fanfare during Paris Fashion Week from January 24-27? While the runaway was sure to please, we uncovered some amazing celebrity outfits.

Kanye West and Julia Fox: Monochromatic Leather Look

We can’t talk about Paris Fashion Week without mentioningKanye West and Julia Fox. As a new couple following Ye’s recent split from Kim Kardashian, they’ve been making headlines just by being seen together. When it comes to Ye, if you know, you know. Wherever he goes and whomever he’s with, it’s all about over-the-top style. As a fashion icon, there’s no denying that he’s already influenced Julia’s fashion sense. For the first event of the week, they were twinning in black leather jackets, gloves, pants and knee-high boots as if they stepped out of the Matrix. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that part of Julie’s jacket is shaped like a Madonna-style cone corset, and her high-heel boots had toe pockets like barefoot shoes. Also, Julie accessorized her outfit with large gold link earrings and a chunky gold purse that looked like a padlock. How cool is that?

Piece together your own all-black leather outfit with some items from our collection:

Madeline Petsch: Bright-Colored Suit

Madeline Petsch, a Riverdale TV show actress, dazzled throughout the week. She chose colorful attire that knocked our socks off. It’s hard to choose just one, but perhaps the most striking was her neon green outfit. The suit consisted of a cropped, double-breasted blazer and matching mini skirt. Both pieces feature a green background with a black leopard and white chevron pattern. The outfit is also accessorized with a white clutch purse with a gold Dior logo, small gold earrings and several gold rings. She wore leather pumps that matched her natural red hair to top things off.

If this inspired you to add a bit of color to your life, consider this neon green outfit:

Miss Fame: Eccentric Tulle Dress

Miss Fame, model, recording artist and former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has unleashed their inner queen. Fit for the runaway, they donned a gorgeous tulle dress with ruffled layers of graduated shades of baby blue. The top is rose-colored with a dark wine glass-shaped pattern and gold buttons. There’s also a bunch of gold trim that looks like Christmas tree garland adorning the top and sleeves. The area around the neck and waist has asymmetrically placed caramel-colored tulle ruffles that match the leather pumps. It’s hard to make sense of all that’s going on with the dress, because it’s partially covered by her light blue transparent trench coat. The outfit is completed with a tiny blue, yellow and white purse, rose-colored circular rhinestone earrings and a wide-band dark metal ring. Tulle dresses seem to be Miss Fame’s go-to for special events, and this one didn’t disappoint.

Feeling girlie? This frilly outfit will have you whirling around the dance floor:

Iris Mittenaere: Ripped Jeans and Glitzy Dusty

Iris Mittenaere dressed things down while still pulling off a sense of elegance. This French model, TV host and former Miss Universe wore torn jeans with a white tie-neck blouse. What makes this outfit stand out is her gold-colored floor-length vest duster adorned with a bunch of beaded bling. She rounded things out with black leather boots and a black leather purse. Her jewelry included a black and gold bangle bracelet and a gold choker necklace with what looks to be a snake charm with a long chain and tassel hanging from it.

You can put together a similar look with the following suggested items:

We uncovered the best celebrity outfits of the week at Paris Fashion Week. Our top picks for streetwear ranged from leather and tulle to ripped denim and blinding colors. Some looks were to die for, and others might not be for everyone. Regardless of your taste, surely you agree everyone was in vogue. All this style and inspiration should get your creative fashion juices flowing. Which one is your favorite?

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