Storing and Taking Care of Handbags

There is nothing like bringing home THAT bag… You know the one.

It doesn't matter if you coveted it for months or heard it calling your name at a tag sale. You might have bought it to celebrate a win or for a little shopping therapy when you needed it most. The leather (vegan or not) feels gorgeous and supple under your touch, and everything about it just works for you.

Doesn't it deserve a little love when it comes to how you store and take care of it?


Keep It Together

Shopping is fun. It can be tempting to bring home your purchase and rip through the box and bag, excited to get to your new handbag. Don't. Keeping the box, tissue paper, and cover will help you get the best resale value if you ever decide to sell your newest acquisition (bonus points if you keep the store bag). Plus, even if you never part ways with your designer purse, those packing materials have a purpose.

Store with Care

To keep your bag in the best shape possible, you need to do two things: stuff it and cover it.

Stuffing your designer bag helps it keep its shape - that tissue paper that came in the box will do the job perfectly. If your handbag did not come with tissue paper, you could use your own. Just make sure that it is not dyed or printed; the ink could transfer to your bag.

Covering your bag is also essential. If your handbag rubs up against something - even in your closet - it could be damaged. Color transfers from dyed items and marks from purse hardware can ruin your purse. Ideally, you should wrap any exposed hardware with tissue paper and store your bag in a breathable dust bag or the box it came in. If you didn't receive either with your handbag, or you've thrown it away (it happens), you can substitute a pillowcase. Just make sure to choose a plain, undyed one.

Clean After Every Use

Finally, make sure that you clean your designer handbag after every use. While you probably know that you shouldn't put your purse on the floor or handle it when your hands are dirty, life happens. Keeping your purse as clean as possible is going to help it last longer and avoid discoloration. You don't want to use chemicals - they can leave a buildup over time and are best saved for when you really need it - spot cleaning with a little water and a moist cloth is always a good idea. You should also vacuum out the interior; no one likes purse sand.

With the right care, your designer handbag can become more than just a purse. It is an INVESTMENT that will last you years (maybe decades) if you care for it properly.



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