Finding the right nail polish for Summer is absolutely crucial for me when it comes to settling into the Summer mood. In many cases, I find myself looking for something bright and energetic to help set the tone for my time spent with friends by the pool or running around town with George and my husband having fun. I’m not going to say that you absolutely must paint your nails for Summer, but... I will say that for me, it gives a boost to every Summer look. As far as I am concerned, nail polish is the ultimate Summer accessory that I always need to look and feel my absolute best. This is especially true for me in Summer because this is when you can freely wear bright colors without it seeming too out of place, which makes it that much more fun than the beautiful but sometimes boring blacks, grays and dark reds of winter.


The real crisis that I find myself in when it comes to choosing a nail polish in Summer is finding the right color. The right color of nail polish can set the vibe for my entire day and definitely impacts what I’m going to wear. On the other hand (pun absolutely intended), the wrong kind of nail polish in Summer can lead to looking like you have something growing on your toes at the pool or something else equally as horrible, which I am absolutely not in support of. This is why I have taken a little bit of time to share some of my favorite Summer nail polish colors with you that I use to complete my Summer look.


No two nail polish colors are truly alike, even the fifty colors that are all within one shade of each other. Some are going to be right for your outfit and some are going to be right for your vibe. For me, the biggest vibe setter for a Summer spent in the sun or attending music festivals is some of the warmer neon colors. When you know that you are going to be dancing all day under the sun and all night under the flashing lights, a good neon orange, pink, or yellow can make you look like you were born to be there. I personally love using these colors to display my excitement level and stand out when I’m running around at a Summer concert at night. If you are into clubbing, I would also recommend these fun colors depending on the setting. It’s just a good way to liven up a look on any given day.


Sometimes when I’m choosing colors for my nails, I find myself yearning for something a little more classic. For me, I will always love that nineties girl Summer aesthetic of classic red nails and a cute blue bathing suit. A classic red nail is, in my opinion, an absolute staple for any one to have on hand. It is versatile and allows you to go for many different looks. On one hand, you can opt for the cute all American girl by pairing this with a simple bathing suit by the pool. On the other hand, a classic red is perfect for attending a nicer dinner, going out on a date, or bringing a little fire to your Summer work attire. However you want to work it, you can.


As far as Summer colors go, I am absolutely loving peach this year. I’m not sure if it’s because it appears to be very popular and I can’t seem to escape it or if it’s just because all of the variations are so beautiful, but I absolutely adore this color. It’s bright enough to be fun but soft enough to be versatile or subtle depending on your outfit. This is one cute color that will help you to embrace almost any Summer vibe.

For middle of Summer fun, I like to use a nice yellow color on my nails as well. I tend to drift more towards bright or sunny yellows, like the kind that you can see in ads during this time of year. Yellow is a happy color that brings a lot to an outfit. Depending on the shade you go with, you can use it as a little splash of color to bring your outfit together.


Another classic Summer look that I love is the use of teal or turquoise in any capacity. These shades of blue are reminiscent of the ocean, making them an obviously cute and seasonally appropriate add-on for any Summer day. I tend to use these colors when I want something that’s still fun, but is a little more low key. Cooler colors will don’t announce themselves like other colors, but they still make you look cute and fun. I just feel like blue nails are perfect for time spent by the pool or at the beach.

After I spend enough time absorbing the sun, I like to look the part, especially towards the end of Summer. This is what draws me so fully to burnt orange as a nail polish color. This color is great for that special time when Summer is giving way to Fall because it balances looking positively sun-kissed with matching the changing leaves with the season. For me, it’s a perfect indicator that Summer is coming to an end. It also helps that the metallic molten look is so beautiful. This color absolutely pops, especially at night by a campfire.

Summer is easily one of the best seasons of the year, which is why I like to look the part and match it when I can. There is something about Summer that brings together good vibes, positive energy, and a ton of fun, which is probably why I like it as much as I do. Since my fingers and toes are always on full display during this season, I like to go above and beyond when it comes to making them look cute and Summer ready, but that’s just me. Everyone has their own look, so don’t feel compelled to follow mine. Regardless, I hope that at least one of these will work for you all the same!

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