Clothes are essential; at some point we all have to spend our hard-earned cash on wardrobe essentials. Although sticking to a budget while shopping may be difficult, the hard part is figuring out what items to add to your collection. In this article, we discuss basic items every woman needs in their wardrobe; as well as the best ways to style them. 

Does looking at your wardrobe make you feel insecure? Are you unimpressed by the clothing options hanging in your closet? Or do you feel that your current outfits do not reflect your personal taste in fashion? Well, look no further than our guide; here, we recommend the pieces you need to get you feeling confident.

Must-Have Items that Every Girl Needs in their Wardrobes

Having a classic, timeless wardrobe is every girl’s dream. But a lot more goes into creating an awesome wardrobe than just shopping for what’s on trend at any given time. You'll also need to know how to balance your basic attires with trendy ones. With that in mind, we share 10 (ten) must-have clothing items every woman needs to feel confident, gorgeous and ‘chic’.

  1. Little Black Dress

The "Little Black Dress" is literally, a must have for all women. A black dress is classic-style attire. Pick out something thats not too short or revealing. But, make sure it's still a little sexy and most importantly makes you feel good.  Black dresses can be  accessorized differently to created a variation of looks; e.g. with a pair of stilettos, a chain necklace, pearls, or layered with a cardigan or a blazer.

  1. A Cardigan and Blazer

Cardigans are often made from cotton, heavy wool, or cashmere. They are designed to be comfy, no matter the season or occasion. The great thing about cardigans is that you can style them any way you want. You can pick from an array of cardigan fabrics, styles and cuts. And, you can wear them with jeans, a dress to the office, or with a skirt and top. The beauty of cardigans is that they match perfectly with leggings, jeans, sneakers, and even fine jewelry depending on the look you create!

Blazers, are also a necessity for any wardrobe. You can choose from a large variety of options, such as shrunken and oversized styles. Like cardigans, blazers match perfectly with any dress in your closet and a graphic tees and jeans! While your shopping, just make sure your blazer doesn't fit uncomfortably tight around your bust or arms. 

  1. Staple White Shirt

White dress shirts should be a staple for any closet. A quality white dress shirt can be paired with any work clothing like blazers, or black pants. For a dressy look, tuck your white dress shirt into a mini skirt and add a pair of pumps. For a more casual look, slip on sneakers, your white dress shirt, and jeans instead! 

  1. The Perfect Jean

Today, buying the right pair of jeans is extremely important. The great thing about having jeans in your wardrobe is: you guessed it! Versatility! Not only can you decide to rock your jeans any way you want; slim cut, boot cut, or oversized. For a sophisticated look, wear jeans with pumps and a dress shirt. For a formal look, rock your jeans with a blazer. For a more casual day throw on your favorite vintage tee. 

  1. Pumps and Loafers

 A pair of black pumps is a must have! Pumps are the perfect shoe choice for work clothes, special occasions’ dresses or date nights.

Loafers are equally classy. In fact, they are growing in trend. It is amazing footwear choice to have in your wardrobe. Loafers match with literally anything, including skinny jeans, dress shirts, black dress, fedoras, scarfs, etc.; and can be worn to various occasions. 

  1. Sneakers

Just by looking at them, you can tell that sneakers spice up your whole wardrobe. Sneakers will always be popular, due to how simple and comfortable they are. The amount of ways you can wear a pair of sneakers is quite endless. That being said, for you to make the sneaker-style work, you need pairs that are very plain, with little embellishment. In the case of white sneakers, these can be matched with denim jackets, summer dresses, with leggings, jeans, and a blazer, cardigan, or t-shirt. 

  1. Denim Jacket

This wouldn’t even be called a guide without the mention of denim jacket. We all love to wear them. Once an outfit for cowboys, denim jackets have now cemented their place in fashion history. They are a must-have for every girl heavily vested in classic fashion styles. In fact, they go with literally any outfit such as white/black jeans, graphic tees, or the little black dress, white sneakers, sundresses, loafers, scarves—you name it!

  1. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the perfect shoe for the summer, fall, winter, or cool days of spring. What’s more, they come in various styles for different seasons. In the summer, go for peep-toe style, and in the winter, choose a closed-toe style. Heel heights for ankle boots are subjective, and you can experiment with low and blocky types and taller stiletto-type boot depending on what works best for you!

  1. Black Dress Pants

Not having black dress pants in your closet, is like eating spaghetti without tomato sauce; it’s just odd. Black dress pants are the sort of item you wear to work or on formal occasions. They are classic wardrobe staple, and, well, they’re black. For the best fit; look for dress pants that fit loosely fitted about the thighs but curve slightly around the calves.  You can rock a black dress pant with black blazers for work; with a white dress shirt and scarf for events; or with a pair of stilettos and waistcoat for something more sexy. 

Speaking of coats…

  1. An Array of Coats

What’s a wardrobe without an array of coats? On the most basic level, you need two kinds of coats: a trench coat and a wool pea coat. A trench coat is the type of coat you wear on cooler days in the spring and the fall. Like many coats, they give you space to layer pieces underneath and are durable. You can match a trench coat with a little black dress, a pair of pumps for work and dinner dates or with skinny jeans and lightweight scarf for casual occasions.

Wool coats are more suited for colder climates. During the winter seasons, a wool coat keeps you classy and warm. You can match wool cats with a striped scarf and a colorful beanie for casual outings.

  1. Scarfs… (Bonus!)

Scarves are a personal favorite so I couldn't resist! Why, because scarves are so stylish; and have the ability to enhance almost any look. 

With scarfs, you can be flexible with the varieties you choose. Some appear short, others long; some square-shaped, others rectangular. You can buy expensive designer ones or inexpensive ones for great prices on other websites. Wearing a scarf makes you look ostentatious; it gives a fashion appeal that many accessories cannot. What’s more, you can tie a scarf around your hair, face, neck, purse or waist! 


Nailing the perfect look is largely dependent on the number of clothing options you have in your wardrobe. Sometimes, you just need something you can grab and wear. Other times, you’ll need a more sophisticated look. Stuffing your closet with a variation of staple options is the right way to go. This way, you never run out of stylish things to wear.

Pro Tip: Try to wear your entire wardrobe at least once. If there are clothes that don’t make the cut, toss them aside and replace swiftly.

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