‘One size fits all’ is such a satisfying phrase when your busy conquering the world in your respective rights and interests. 
We all look for solutions that are multi-purpose to keep our complicated lives as simple as possible.
But, when it comes to dressing up, we are often lost at sea... Rarely do we find a look universal in its purpose and style.
We all come across days that are just too long, too happening, too busy to think of different looks and clothes for different parts of the day. For those busiest of the days, we list some popular items to wear from our Day to Night collection to keep your styling worries at bay!
This beautiful black, buttoned-up knee-length dress is just the right piece to be worn at the office during the day and to attend a dinner with your friends at night. To dress it up, throw on your favorite heels and statement jewelry! 
This mini dress can be worn as an evening dress as well as a day dress. To wear this dress during the day, wear a denim jacket and sneakers. To dress it up at night, wear heels and a moto jacket. 
If you wish to stay casual and chic, you may also decide to wear a dress like this one. During the day, wear it with flats or sandals with a bright yellow or green statement earring. To wear this piece at night, put on a pair of cork wedges and a moto jacket!
Keep it simple and multipurpose my multi-taskers!

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