The fashion runways have spoken, and this year's jewelry looks are big, bold, and flashy. This might be the year to relegate those delicate gold and silver chains and filigree pendants to the jewelry box unless you want to layer them with huge chains, hefty chokers, and ropes of pearls; the more, the better. Here's a look at six of the year's biggest jewelry trends and why you'll want to wear them.

1. Chokers

The choker is back, in all its bold and beautiful glory. Since January, the fashion shows have all featured magnificent collar necklaces, many of which are sure to be seen on this year's fashion red carpets. Since many couture houses are showcasing strapless and plunging necklines for the upcoming months, it's an ideal time to incorporate the classic choker collar necklace into your look. Popular styles include oversized chainmail designs in gold and silver and thick gold circlets in smooth or fluted designs.

Another popular take has the choker embellished with beads, pearls (real or resin) and studs, or studded with diamonds, crystals, or gemstones. Many of these styles also include an innovative twist: small chains dangling down from the front or in the back below the clasp. And of course, there's also the classic pearl choker, made famous several decades ago by Princess Diana and revisited now with baroque pearls (real or faux), or pearls combined with colorful beads and ocean-colored stones like aquamarine and apatite.

2. Chunky Glam Gold Chains

Thanks to this year's nostalgia vibe, chunky glam gold chains have returned, harkening back to a decidedly '90s look, with a tip of the hat to Coco Chanel's big, bold 1920s costume chains. Designers agree — chains are incredibly versatile because you can customize them in so many ways. You can wear a solo statement piece or layer them in a lavish display. You can also embellish them with charms, lockets, and antique pendants, creating a special DIY necklace that's unique to your own style.

One of the best things about chains is that they always look luxurious and even costly because, to an untrained eye, it can be impossible to tell the difference between real and costume gold or silver. And because they're so alluring, chains provide a great way to dress up your wardrobe or raise a glamorous outfit to even greater heights. Plus, chains go with absolutely everything, so no matter how you wear them, you simply can't miss.

3. Ropes of Pearls

Let's be honest — pearls are never out of style. But every so often, they're revamped in an exciting new way, and that's exactly what we're seeing on this season's runways. Pearls are everywhere; the bigger, the better. They're studded in chokers, dangling from wrists and hanging from multiple layers of long, luxurious ropes piled high over the neckline. In fact, they're so popular in fashion decoration this year that they've even been given their own designer moniker; "Pearl Core."

For fashionistas on a budget, many of the year's most popular designs include luminous faux pearls made of glass or resin. If you love a natural look are willing to spend just a bit more, you can also invest in trendy baroque and cultured pearls, which are still genuine pearls, but much more affordable than the natural variety. And if you love colored beads, the good news is that jewelers are using baroque and cultured pearls dyed in every shade imaginable, making pearl jewelry more versatile than ever before.

4. Doorknocker Earrings

This year, earrings are trending in all kinds of styles, from Victorian elegance to punk/funk chic, but they have one aspect in common — they're ginormous. Doorknocker earrings are back, and they're bigger than ever. These shoulder dusters come in bold geometrics reminiscent of Art Deco or cascading fringe or chandelier styles. Look for lots of fancy floral drops in faux gemstones and multiple dangling strands in crystals and rhinestones. Solid golds, silvers, and pewters are also popular, especially when paired with the season's chunky chains and choker collars.

5. Big Cocktail Rings

In keeping with the retro vibe, runway models are sporting huge cocktail rings, either in bold solid metals or vintage-inspired designs laden with gemstones. In particular, large stone statement rings have made a huge comeback, with enormous glassy gems flashing in various shapes and colors.

6. Beads

This year's nostalgia kick continues with a fascinating obsession with beads — beads hanging from ear lobes, dangling from wrists, and spilling over from necklines in a dazzling heap of color. In a throwback to the vibrant hippy fashions of the '60s, we're seeing beads of all shapes and sizes, from traditional bead balls to geometric shapes, in bright, bold colors like emerald green, scarlet, purple, yellow, and lapis lazuli. You'll find natural beads like hematite, quartz, jade, lapis, and coral, as well as resin beads in a wide range of patterns.

Whether you prefer your chains sleek or chunky, or your pearls long or choker-length, you'll find lots of jewelry styles to fall in love with during 2022. And for the latest trends in jewelry and accessories, be sure to visit Style Shark, where you'll find all the season's most spectacular designs.

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