Budget friendly gifts? THEY EXIST!  And, if you’re participating in a Secret Santa gift giving, chances are that you’ll be REQUIRED to give gifts below a certain amount. 
To take the stress out of shopping in store, we’ve curated a list of amazing gifts from Shop Style Shark under $15.00!
This year, you can spend more time with your loved ones drinking spiked egg nog and less time standing in lines and looking at picked over merchandise!
Without further a do, find our top picks below!
This casual green snake print scarf is not just any item to gift someone, this scarf can be worn in fall, winter, spring, and summer! It’s lightweight and can go casual, professional, and dressy!
This perfect pair of earmuffs with furry pads and fancy cat ears will be sure to put a smile on anyone's face! 
The glitter  iPhone case is the perfect gift to give to a friend or family member. They’ll thank you! And, it’s only $6.00!!!
The Drawstring PU Backpack is super high quality at an amazing price point. This bag can be worn in a diverse group of settings and sittuations!
Shop the chunky chain choker necklace and matching bracelet set. Jewelry is always a girl’s best friend!  And, the price is only $12.00
Find these and many more amazing gift ideas in our accessories section now! Happy shopping!

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