For people who aren’t a big fan of Valentine’s day, there's still a good chance of getting a last minute invitation out or participating in Galentine's Day with your friends. Arriving to a Valentine's event in anything with hearts, or anything red will definitely make you look like a enthusiast. However, if that's not the vibe that you want to go for, you can also opt for something subtle.
Whether you need a more casual day-time look or a chic going-out ensemble, deciding on what to wear will be made a lot easier with our list below:
Slip Dress
The slip dress is a 90s trend that has become quite popular in recent years. Though many women love it, they don’t really know how to style it. No fear! It's very easy to rock the slip dress trend.
The easiest way to style it is to pair it up with statement earrings and a good pair of heels. You can also be a little experimental with the dress and wear it with a long sleeve tee underneath or with a cool distressed denim jacket over it. If you are someone who prefers sporty looks over romantic ones, opt for flat shoes instead of heels. Either way, you'll definitely be valentine ready!
Matching Sets
Matching sets are a blessing both for summer and winter seasons. Wearing one will allow you to make a bold fashion statement! This style is extremely popular currently.
For V-Day, you can pick a subtle coordinate set and pair it up with pumps and a classy bag. Leave your hair down or wear it pulled back. Ready.. Set..  stand out of the crowd!
Go For White
Valentine’s day is important to a lot of couples who are looking to spend quality time with one another. That is why Valentine’s is the perfect day to express feelings and share special moments!
While many women love to wear shades of pink and red, there are women who'd prefer to wear white. This choice is both stunning and elegant!
Jumpsuits and rompers are already topping the category in spring 2020 trends. They are often known as the epitome of a modern woman’s wardrobe. They are more put together than wearing shorts/pants and a T-shirt and more practical than a dress. Not only are they easy to wear, but they are quick complete outfit options and comfortable for any weather.
You can go all out in a bold black satin jumpsuit like the option pictured above. Try wearing your hair styled in a sleek bun and slip on a cute pair of transparent heels. Complete the look with lipstick and crossbody bag to add a pop of color to your outfit.
Go For Casual
For people who want something a little more chill for Valentine’s Day, you can buy women's jeans online and pair it up with a unique top. You can go for a ruffled top, a one-shoulder glitter top, or a red-colored crop top. Add a cute bag and complete the look with heels or flats.
Bodycon Dress
Bodycon dresses are specially designed to emphasize your silhouette, providing curves that are seamless and flattering. It is a closet staple and comes in various styles and fabrics.
While picking a bodycon dress for V-Day, make sure to show off your best feature. You can go for a strapless or even a halter neck to show off those toned shoulders and perfect collarbones.
Go for a super short length to flaunt gorgeous legs. In case you are worried about styling it, then the best thing you can do is to layer it. Try throw a loose cardigan or a flowy cape over it since they are so in!
CAUTION: do NOT over-accessorize. Let the bodycon dress be the showstopper and keep the rest minimal.
Go For Red
The color red has always been associated with love and hence Valentine’s Day. Various studies have shown that women wearing a red dress or standing against a red background look more attractive to men.
Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to go for a red dress, maybe a pencil dress or one with polka dots. Red is extremely stunning to wear. Even if you just wear a red dress without any elaborate makeup and heavy jewelry, you will look attractive and beautiful.
The Leather Dress
If there is one trend that rules every year, then it is undoubtedly leather. This luxurious fabric makes an appearance at the runway every year. Leather dresses, jackets, trench coats, and head-to-toe pantsuits are trendy among women. For V-Day, you can go for a leather dress paired with boots and some bold jewelry. Don’t forget to add a sunglasses if you're having a day out.
There is a lot of high-quality faux leather available out there! It looks equally great and some variations like vegan leather are a cruelty-free alternative to traditional leather and can be styled in various ways. To go for that bold and beautiful look, you can always choose leather for your attire.
You can check our Valentine’s Day collection, which includes beautiful dresses, super comfortable lingerie, adorable bags, and attractive footwear. From bodycon dresses to sexy jumpsuits, from coordinate sets to leather dresses, we have it all.
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