Summer is dress season and every fashion maven needs at least one awesome, eye-catching, versatile, day-to-night look that shows off her figure and her personality. And the must-have dress for summer 2021 is definitely this long-sleeved ruched mini-dress
Even if you’re not a dress gal at heart (tomboys of the world unite!), this number is so stunning and endlessly adaptable for every kind of summer outing, from a stroll on the boardwalk to cocktails on the patio, that it may just change your mind. 
What makes this dress such a stand-out piece? Well, let us count the ways. 
It’s cool and classic. 
Some clothes are in one season and out the next, and that’s fine. There’s definitely a time and a place for certain looks. 
But a dress that will stand the test of time and look great year after year after year is the kind of top-tier fashion that you want to base your wardrobe on. 
And this dress? It’s got all the elements to keep it looking on-trend and on point for a long time to come. 
The button-down front offers a nod to the classic menswear staple of a button-down shirt, while the soft ruching adds just enough feminine flair to land it in the wardrobe of a woman who wants to dress (and live) like a boss. 
It’s got an insane amount of detail. 
What takes a dress from simple to spectacular is really the details, and this dress is all about the cute and clever finishing touches. 
The long sleeves end in a subtle cuff that is meant to hang just a little lower than your wrist, for an oh-so-relaxed slouchy look that is the epitome of effortless style. 
And let’s talk about the collar because we’re kind of ga-ga for it. It’s a standard fold-over collar that can be buttoned all the way up for a sweet and prim look (this looks especially awesome with a simple updo hairstyle) or it can be worn unbuttoned and open for, how shall we say, maximum va-va-voom. 
Now, for the ruching. Is there a more perfect way to show off your curves? We don’t think so. This dress hugs your body for an insanely flattering effect that will look a little bit different on everyone, depending on the natural shape and proportions of your body. So it’s basically a dress that’s off the rack but that feels made just for you. 
You can wear it pretty much anywhere. 
Don’t take our word for it that this dress is a go-anywhere, do-anything badass. Just look at some of the girls who are slaying this look all over town. 
Jordyn Woods rocked this casual dress in a fun and flirty orange hue to enjoy “Florida nights” (according to her Instagram). She made this look her own by pairing it with a pair of pristine white sneakers and her hair in a simple center-part bob. Genius. 
Lori Harvey wore it on a date night with Michael B. Jordan (um, jealous!) and styled it with a simple pendant, classic hoop earrings, and her hair up. Kween. 
The styling possibilities are endless.  
The best dresses are chameleons, completely changing their vibe depending on what you surround them with. You can dress them up or down and they look equally great either way. 
On warm days, you can wear this dress unbuttoned and with a simple sandal for maximum breeziness.
When the temperatures dip, you can throw on a pair of tights and a shirt underneath for a cool layered look that keeps you feeling warm and looking fire
You can also change it up with different accessories:
  • Button the collar all the way up and throw on a statement necklace 
  • Wear it with a kickass pair of gladiator sandals
  • Roll up the sleeves to a three-quarter length and load up your wrists with bangles
  • Rock it with sneakers and a jean jacket for back-to-school coolness
Get the look 
You can grab this long-sleeved ruched dress in black, green, orange, or violet from Style Shark. 
But wait, there’s more. A short-sleeved version is also available in sky blue and forest green. 
If you love the form-fitting look of a ruched dress but hate buttons, you could also try the deep V twist mini dress for a look that’s ultra-feminine and more than a little sexy (in case Michael B. Jordan asks for a date). 
Or do you love the look of buttons but hate ruching? A structured and cinched shirtwaist dress is another way to rock a hot dress look this summer. 
Don’t let the summer end without finding your signature look for the season. Shop Style Shark’s collection of dresses to find the hottest looks (at prices that make it easy to fill out your whole wardrobe). 





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