From furry slippers to fringe, fashions are serving a quirky vibe this year. There's more than the usual touch of audacity showing up on today's runways with retro styles like outrageous platforms and new trends like statement overcoats. These styles may not be for shrinking violets, but if you'd like to try rocking these looks, go for it, because you'll be at the forefront of fashion's trendiest looks.

Spring and Summer Plaids

Plaids aren't just for winter anymore. Top designers worldwide are embracing the concept of plaids for spring and summer. If you're envisioning wooly warmth in July, don't worry, because these plaids are printed on lighter-weight, summer-friendly fabrics. But here's the quirky factor — they still reflect warmer, autumnal colors like pumpkin, brown, and red. If you like to bend seasons a bit (think of sipping on a pumpkin latte in the middle of July), you'll want to try one of these season-bending plaids this summer. Or, if you prefer brighter colors, you can also opt for plaids in spring-like shades of bright pink, yellow, and kelly green.

Cut-Out Dresses

If you want to be on point this season, just get out your favorite dress and grab a pair of scissors because cut-out dresses are decidedly back. According to some pundits, the trend was inspired by the HBO series "Euphoria," where the actress Alexa Demie wore a skin-tight black dress with a huge cut-out keyhole neck and cut-out back. Thanks to this double exposure, stores everywhere offer dresses with peek-a-boo cut-outs, from plunging keyhole necklines to body-baring midriffs and strappy sides.

Dresses Over Pants

As a throwback to Y2K, the dress-over-pants style is trending again, in its first major comeback since the early 2000s. You can recreate this savvy street style using dresses at varying lengths, from micro-mini to maxi, with slim to full and flowing silhouettes. With the right colors and prints, this can be a fascinating — and attention-getting — look and a novel way to layer separate pieces of your wardrobe.

Statement Coats

In a trend that's similar to the dress-over-pants style, designers are showcasing big, billowing statement overcoats worn over pants, and dresses with all the insouciance of a fashionable overblouse. From oversized trench coats — solid or striped — to boxy longline coats in plaid and houndstooth, this season's styles will make you want to leave your coat on, even when you're indoors.

Platform Shoes

In recent years, platform shoes haven't gone away — they've just gotten more audacious. This year, expect to see many more platforms on and off the runway and red carpet, with higher (and chunkier) platforms, bolder designs, and eye-popping flower prints and embellishments.

Textured Shoes

If you love the idea of rocking your look with a pair of fuzzy slippers, you'll love this year's trending textured footwear. We're not just talking about puffy braided sandals — this is all about outrageous (and fun) designs, like furry platform loafers that resemble a pair of shaggy dogs, wool-covered clogs, and strap-on pumps lavished in dyed faux fur.  


Fringe isn't just showing up in fashion houses this year — it's dominating the runways. Rather than providing a bit of embellishment, this year's fringe is growing like kudzu and spreading like wildfire on every conceivable type of garment. And what's more, it's yards longer than the traditional '60s boho look. According to today's designers, fringe is meant to cascade all the way from the chest to the floor, with tiers of fringe positively ballooning from tops, jackets, miniskirts, and scarves.

Time Travel Fashions

Goth meets Regency in this year's trendy time travel fashions, as showcased by fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton. High-necked Belle Epoque blouses are vying with Regency bustiers, ruffle-trimmed skirts, and black glittery capes that are half-Victorian, half-futuristic. The trend seems to be to pair Regency-style elegance with goth/punk looks such as high-topped black sneakers and goth jewelry, in a sort of 2022 version of steampunk style.

Disco Drama

Given the solid retro vibe reverberating through 2022's fashions, it's not surprising that disco glitz and glamor are making a comeback with a trendy take on glitter ball elegance. Popular runway looks include oversized cargo pants in shimmering satins, gold and silver tank tops with glittering skirts, and gold metallic black lace embellishing tops and miniskirts.

Avant-Garde Wearable Art

We're not just talking about scarves here — we're talking about tops, tights, and dresses in avant-garde prints worthy of hanging at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This wearable art features bold brushstrokes and eye-catching geometrics, transforming you into a living, breathing painting with a lot of pizazz. 

Architectural Jewelry

This is definitely the year to relegate those thin gold chains and delicate pendants to the back of your jewelry box. For 2022, architectural jewelry has taken over the main stage at all the fashion shows. From colossal statement necklaces and wide cuff bracelets to enormous cocktail rings with abstract designs, these ginormous geometric pieces are just the thing to wear with your favorite avant-garde print.

If you love to wear eye-catching looks and you're not afraid of a bit of attention, 2022 is the year to indulge your tastes to the fullest and let your quirky flag fly in all its glory. And for more of the newest styles and trends, be sure to visit Style Shark and browse through their latest fashion collections.

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