Mini skirts are loved for two reasons: first, skirts are the timeless perfect wardrobe choice for many social situations.. Whether paired with a blouse to head out for a night on the town or worn with a rocker t-shirt for a daytime brunch, you’ll be sure to turn heads and get noticed. Second, they’re comfortable and easy to wear! Now, skirts of all colors, styles, and sizes are available online everywhere.

At Shop Style Shark, too, you will find a number of different trendy skirt styles . Among them, the Vegan Leather Dot Fringe Mini is one of our favorites! Pair it with a black blouse and heels for dinner with friends or pair it with tights, booties and a sweater in the fall. Either way, you’ll be sure to feel stylish.

This mini skirt is made up of vegan leather,.. Makes for the perfect opportunity to be chic and socially conscious. :)

For a classic look, pair it with an ivory, white, or cream colored blouse…

The skirt is available in small, medium, and large..

Enjoy free shipping with orders over $100 dollars. :)

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