Winter is rapidly approaching — is your wardrobe ready?

As the temperatures continue to drop, it is crucial that you head to your closet and do an inventory check. Although you'll definitely want to hunker down during the coldest winter nights to enjoy these must-watch movies, you'll need a winning collection of sweaters, boots, coats, and pants to get you through until spring.

Whether you seek new, fashionable items for the office or plan on hitting the town with your girls, the winter 2021-2022 trends will be your guiding light. 

8 Winter 2021-2022 Fashion Trends You Need to Know 

Sure, we tend to spend a bit more time at home during the winter months, but that doesn't mean you don't need amazing outfits on standby. From holiday parties to work functions, winter getaways to at-home dates, whatever the occasion, you want to look your best. 

The following winter trends will be everywhere. Some are reminiscent of past winters, while others are combining several trends to create a fresh winter look. 

Let's count them up. 

1. Bright Colors Are Making an Appearance Outside of Summer

Typically, you wear bright and bold colors during the summer season, but that doesn't mean you can't brighten every room you walk into this winter. Not only are bright colors trending, but they also make you feel good! 

Step aside, summer. Winter is no longer about brown, gray, blue, white, cream, and black. It's time to shake things up and add a little vibrancy. This year, fashionistas across the globe aren't shy to wear pops of color as well as metallic materials. 


2. Quilted Clothing Is All the Craze

Quilted clothing is making a major impression in 2021. Pinterest reported that there was a four-time increase in searches year over year for quilted clothing in the United States, Canada, and Australia. It's a trending search term — one that is here to stay for winter 2021-2022. 

This trend was popular in past seasons, with Christian Dior and Isabel Marant both featuring quilting in their 2018 collections. However, this technique dates back to ancient Egypt. Pretty neat!

Don't miss out on these pieces:

3. Knits From Head to Toe

Nothing goes together quite like winter and knits. Prominent in fall 2021, knit trends will continue going all winter long. Whether it be a knit turtleneck under a blazer, a knit dress, or an extra-thick cardigan, the clothing is warm and definitely in fashion. I mean, who wouldn't want a pair of knit lounge pants or a soft cable-knit sweater? 

For those times when you want to feel extra cozy, you can always rely on your knitwear collection. 

Be sure to check out these pieces:

4. Fringe It Up

Whether it be on dresses, jackets, or even accessories, fringe is hot this season. 

When reflecting on the history of fringe, this fashion statement dates back to the 1920s. Made famous by the flapper's uniform, this look made a comeback in the 60s, 70s, 90s, and again in 2016. Fringe was seen on clutches, flare jeans, leather skirts, and earrings. 

Well, fringe is back once again, bringing with it a fun and playful look — and a ton of celebrities are embracing it. 

You too can embrace the fringe craze with these looks: 

5. Prints Will Add Joy This Winter

It's hard to be blue when so many fun prints are popping up for this upcoming winter season. 

Since black coats are often the staple for winter months, throw a bold, pattern piece into the mix. It will be sure to turn heads. Have fun with this one, as patterns can be enjoyed with just about any item in your closet. 

Switch things up with these pattern pieces: 

6. It's "Leather Weather"

Leather looks great for any occasion. Whether you're trying to make an impression at the office, enjoying a weekend getaway, or going out on a date, leather never fails. 

You don't need to spend a fortune, either. Just as faux fur is trending this winter, so is faux leather. 

Add these leather items to your winter collection: 

7. Plaid Is Still Very Much In Style

We already touched on patterns, and while plaid is very much a pattern, it's a category all its own. 

Some call it checks, others call it tartan. Either way, plaid is one of fashion's most popular prints. Being a fashion staple for cooler temperatures, plaid makes any outfit come alive. Plaid coats and jackets are a fan favorite, but outerwear is just the beginning. Bring on the plaid skirts and dresses!

Love plaid? Add these additions to your collection!

8. Leggings That Make a Statement

Leggings are nothing new, but every wardrobe needs them — and this winter, it's all about leggings that make a statement. It's time to revolutionize your collection. Move over black leggings — vibrant colors and patterns are making their debut this winter. 

Although every girl needs a great pair of black leggings (or 10), these are some vibrant and sassy options that will breathe some life into your leggings drawer: 

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