The warm summer months can be both a gift and a curse for the skin. On the one hand it's a great time to shed dry and dehydrated layers of winter skin, but putting on a bathing suit, sun dress, or cute pair of shorts after months under layers of wool and other heavy fabrics can be traumatic (and downright embarrassing) without a little preparation. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that every inch of skin looks and feels soft, silky, and smooth from head to toe.


Natural Exfoliation Tips and Tricks for Beautiful, Summer Ready Skin

The first step in getting ready to bare some leg for your favorite summer styles is typically hair removal. Whether you shave, wax, use hair removal creams and gels, or go in for professional hair removal, making sure your skin is clean and your pores remain unclogged before and after is essential for avoiding cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

Here are a few exfoliation tips according to Mind Body Green:

Dry brushing is said to have many benefits for the cosmetic appearance of your skin, as well as your overall health. Start out slowly, working your way up from your feet. Use a brush with soft, natural bristles, and dry brush before showering or cleansing your skin.

Mix and match - some parts of the body are tougher than others, so the skin around your knees and elbows will be a little dryer and tougher for example. Apply a little extra pressure and moisturizing in this area. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, look for products with natural oils to hydrate your skin - which also give it a great summer glow to boot!

If you have any skins lesions, cuts, scars, or a sun burn, avoid scrubbing and exfoliating the area and just keep it clean and moisturized until the skin has fully healed.


Dermatologist Approved DIY Skincare Tips

Give yourself the spa treatment at home with DIY exfoliants and cleansers:

  • Honey
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt
  • Baking soda
  • Ground almonds or other nuts (act as micro beads - without the plastic)
  • Sugar
  • Papaya fruit
  • Ground coffee beans
  • Sea salt
  • Green tea
  • Milk
  • Coconut oil
  • Egg whites

Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out

Remember that beautiful skin begins from the inside out. Make sure to drink enough water, eat a healthy, natural diet, and avoid over exposure to the sun, tobacco, and alcohol for a healthy, beautiful complexion this summer - and all year round!

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