Don't get left stranded this Halloween! Even if you want to avoid splurging this season, you can absolutely pull together even the most detailed of costumes if you are able to get your makeup on point. There is a slew of detailed DIY makeup tutorials littered all over Instagram just for this sake of self-empowerment around the holiday season. 

Get off of the right foot with 25 of the best makeup tutorials for Halloween in 2021!

1. Starry Night Look Made Easy

Use fortified eyeliner to avoid the monotony of using crushed crystals, opting instead for an easily applied look. For the makeup, use Heavy Metal Face & Body Glitter Gel, available in multiple colors!

2. Crushed Crystals - Easily Applied

This interesting look is made easy with adhesive crystals that are easily applied and carry well throughout the night. This toggles well as a Halloween decoration as well as a generalized statement. For this, use any kind of self-adhesive rhinestone set. 

3. Marc Jacobs Style Spidery Lashes

This look has a "chic" mastery to it, which transverses decades and adds a true sense of class. For this specialized look, use any set of elongated eyelashes

4.Take it Back to the '70s with Swarovski Crystals

Adding a gorgeous racial aspect to your style, this look utilizes Uoma eyeshadow and Swarovski Crystals for a perfected 70's rock star look. 

5. Euphoria Yellow Butterfly

Don't be afraid to go bold for this look with specialized eyeshadow. Use adhesives for under the eye and a line on top as well. You can also use shimmer eyeliner for this. An extra decoration on top, like flowers, works well with this. 

These Next Looks Focus Mostly on Color, and Can All Be Accomplished With a Simple Wide-Array Palette

6. White Lines and Spots

This is good for somewhat of a proud, tribalistic look while also pulling off luscious lips! Aim for symmetry here! You can use any shade of eyeshadow to accentuate the white lines, too. Just make sure to blend!

7. Use White to Contrast Colors

This look is great in that you can use darker lipstick and eyeshadow to really accentuate the white lines and dots. Again, any wide-array color palette is great for this.

8. Converging Dots

Use white for the dots, but also lightly tap with a sponge before applying for a true glow look.

9. Armoured Black Panther  This look is great for those who have time to really invest. Use ethereal blues alongside whites to contrast the look of the armor. 

10. Circles and Dots

This look is great for those willing to invest in some decorative jewelry. This look gets wrapped up with updos and larger pieces. The makeup part is easy!

For all pop-art looks, you can use really any makeup palette, but a really good one for this is Sephora's Flash Color Palette - where the colors really pop! Another good option is  J.Cat Beauty Master Class/Fx primary color palette from Ulta. 

11. Pop-Art Pumpkin

This makeup look is great and simple and can really work for anybody. The great thing about this look is that you can also use regular makeup and doll up a bit on the side. 

12. 60's Style

This is also a cute look that takes a comic book turn with the sharp edges and classic large tears. Sure to be a hit at parties. You can go with any color scheme and make sure you get a quality wig to match!

13. Mix Darkness With Pop

With some darker shades and colored contacts for a vintage, old-school dark look.  Adding colored contacts to the whole look will make things pop even more!

14. Starfire Pop-art Makeup

This, and other looks like it, can be easily done with the palettes listed. Don't forget to apply darker shades first, adding lighter shades on top. Where you want to have multiple shades, it is smart to buy multiple palettes rather than trying to mix colors!

15. Go for the Galaxy

With bolder, interstellar colors, breaking away from the more common '50s and '60s era makeup!

16. Adhesive Eye Art

This can be a very fun way to mix makeup, arts and crafts, and Halloween together. Use the bold colors of the makeup kits, along with the Heavy Metal artistic makeup listed earlier. Then use store-bought adhesive googly eyes!

17. Don't Forget to Include Classic Watermarks

This can be done easily with light swatches of white makeup or even cheaper facepaint. Just make sure to finish it off with the bold colors of the palettes listed above. 

18. Be Superman!

This Halloween, use primary colors alongside white and black for the perfect superhero look. You don't have to stop at the face, and light highlighting can be done with white makeup!

19. Go for Asymmetrical!

You don't need to follow any pattern here other than doing two different sides to turn heads this Halloween. For best results, get multiple color palettes to widen your array of choices!

For a scary look, the best thing you can do is aim for detail! Use multiple palettes for this!

20. Scary Clown

This look is easy, with colored contacts and adhesive gems. For any wounds, use a Deluxe Wound Kit.

21. Stitched-Up Mouth

This is a great part of any costume and can really go with anything you want it to. Watch the video tutorial for best results. 

22. Demonic Faces

Number 2 on this list is especially great in that it is somewhat easy to create yet looks the most ethereal. Use colored contacts and black eyeliner along your waterline. Top it with glittered eyeliner, and that gets applied to a simple red face. 

23. Queen of the Damned

Number 10 on this list is also pretty easy to achieve with any nude makeup palette. Ulta has some palettes with fantastic range. 

24. Carrie

16 on this list is also fantastically creepy, and if you have adhesive jewels, all the better. Make sure to go under the fake blood with white, and use simple, small adhesive gems. 

25. Intricate Zombie Makeup

Number 18 is a prime example of how far just one or two palettes of makeup can take you. Use a fine makeup brush for the intricate details and lines, and most other types won't do. 


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