Who doesn't love to shop for shoes? Whether you're into boots, slingbacks, or sandals, you'll find lots of innovative footwear trends to love this season, including several old favorites that are back for another fashion fling. Here's a look at 2022's fab footwear designs, including what's hot, what's trending, and what you'll want to wear this year.

Glitzy Pumps

Love statement shoes? Then you'll adore this year's trending glam pumps, highly embellished with rhinestones and sequins and just about everything else you can glue on. If it looks good, you'll find it on a pump this season. Also, you can expect to see sequin pumps as well, in a fun nod to '70s disco styles.

Outrageous Platforms

Is there anything more audacious than platform shoes? They're so over the top, they're frankly irresistible, which means that you can't help falling in love with them. With a nod to colorful '90s styles, these fashion die-hards keep getting more colorful (they can't possibly get any higher or chunkier), so prepare to find them in all your favorite seasonal colors this spring and summer. Designers recommend creating a maximalist look by rocking these puppies with mini or midi dresses in bold prints or dressing them down with oversized shirts, jeans, and chunky jewelry.

Fisherman sandals

Remember fisherman sandals, with their thick strappy comfort? They're back, and this time around, they're crafted in bright, shimmery metallics like gold, silver, and pewter, as well as vibrant candy colors like your favorite sweets from childhood. These welcome additions for Spring/Summer 2022 are ideal for shorts and sundresses and provide a fashionable (and equally comfortable) alternative to lace-up walking shoes.


Easy to wear, mules provide a clean, streamlined look for everything from skirts to jeans. Check out any fashion catalog or website, and you're sure to see the simple mule recreated for 2022 in seasonal fashion colors and designs. This year's mules are dressed in animal prints, vibrant shades, and sparkling embellishments. You can also choose from various exciting styles of heels.

Classic Square-Toe Loafers

After nights partying down in platforms and sky-high heels, you can reward your feet with the cushioned comfort of a well-made square-toe loafer. This preppy look goes great with all types of trouser silhouettes and skirts of all lengths.

Gladiator Sandals

If you like strappy sandals, you'll love rocking a new pair of gladiator sandals this summer. This is one of those perennial styles that comes and goes — and when it returns, it always makes a splash. This year's gladiators are higher, taller, and strappier than ever, as evidenced by the Spring 2022 runways from Valentino, Balmain, and other fashion icons. Expect to see lots of buckles, puffy platforms, white-and-black stripes, jewels, metallics, and all kinds of recreations of the theme, propped up by a variety of heel styles.


Clogs are just so likeable. They're easy to slip into — no buckles or laces — they give your heels a rest, and they have those wonderfully wide toes, so your feet never feel pinched. Fortunately for us all, clogs are back in a big way, emerging on countless runways from designers like Gucci, Longchamps, and Isabel Marant, to name a few, and they've been updated in a variety of styles to reflect today's trendy looks. With its funky '70s vibe, the maximalist style showcases the clog in colorful prints, outrageous platforms, and sparkling crystal embellishments. Also popular are sleek, simpler clogs in more neutral shades for greater versatility. Whether you prefer snakeskin and buckles, or candy colors, you're sure to find the perfect clogs for this spring and summer.

Higher-than-Heaven Heels

This year's heels are so razor-thin as to be almost invisible, and they're also high as a kite, so prepare to be several inches taller. Let's face it, sky-high heels have always been a hallmark of glam fashion, but these skinny heels make stilettos look chunky.

Sculptural Heels

Sculptural heels are the year's most whimsical trend, with craziness abounding. Think cracked eggs (styled realistically in resin and rubber) attached to heel bases or heels encased in gold spirals or carved like wood dowels, and you'll get the point. Sculptural heels aren't just a style statement; they're a downright "I dare you to blink" fashion trend that's sure to bring lots of smiles and gasps of admiration from this year's red carpet watchers.


Have you ever noticed that wedges never seem to go out of style? They're always there, but every few years, they suddenly get noticed again, and suddenly they're back on the runways. Look for crisp, rectangular wedge platform heels designed so creatively that they elevate the simple sandal to a great work of art. Fashion alert: In addition to traditional chunky wedges, keep an eye out for slimmed-down wedges with a dramatic, minimalist shape.

Nostalgia Sneakers

In yet another nod to retro fashions, designers are presenting throwback sneaker styles, including '50s style high-tops and '70s style classic streamlined trainer styles. And more than ever, style mavens are pairing sneakers with simple skirts and dresses, proving once again that they're not just for pants anymore.

Whether you're looking for strappy sandals or foot-friendly loafers, you'll find a wide range of colors and styles in this year's footwear trends. And to keep up with the latest style trends, be sure to visit Style Shark, where you'll find the newest fashion-forward styles to choose from.

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