Body Types and Dressing to Flatter Your Shape

Have you ever run into a store and bought an outfit without trying it on? Only to be horrified once you try to wear it out? To avoid this, pay close attention to your body type and the kind of clothes that best suit your body!! Below is a list of body types that will help you identify your own and the clothes that will have you feeling confident and beautiful!



  1. Apple Shaped Body

Anyone with an apple shaped body will have most of their body mass near or at the torso region. To avoid looking bulky try wearing clothes that draw away attention from your torso and waist. For example, wearing a plunging V neck with an empire waistline will accentuate your figure. Other examples of potential shapes to try are princess silhouettes or any A-line dress or top. You can also opt for ruched dresses and flattering bell bottom jeans to add shape.

Avoid: Stay away from double breasted jackets.


  1. A Pear Shaped Body

If your waist is wider than your bust region or you have fuller hips as compared to your shoulders then you have a pear shaped body. To flatter this body type, try and wear clothes that highlight your shoulders like broad shouldered dresses, or coats with padded shoulders that balance out the proportion of your bottom with top. You can opt for patterned tops and dresses with puffy sleeves.

Avoid: Avoid wearing capris. Opt for flared silhouettes. Wear flared pants, A-line skirts and dresses to bring accentuate your upper body. 


  1. Hour Glass Body

If you have a well-defined waist and you describe your body as curvy then your body shape is hour-glass Your bust and hip will roughly be the same size. You will have fuller thighs, hips, and bust. For this shape, wear clothes that highlight your waist. Wear V-neck tops and pencil skirts to highlight your curves. 

Avoid: Avoid clothes that don’t fit well. Also, it is very important to wear undergarments that fit well. Throw away unsupportive bras!


  1. Rectangle Body Or Flat Body

The best way to define a rectangular figure is to see the proportion of your shoulders to your hips. A rectangular body type is basically a curve-less body; your shoulders, hips are almost in the same proportion. If you are dressing up a flat body you should concentrate on creating shape. 

Wearing cropped jackets, high waisted jeans, cropped tops, cutout dresses and bodycon dresses are all great options. 

Avoid: Avoid wearing boxy and baggy clothes. 

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